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So thankful when I found this site.

PostPosted: November 29th, 2008, 10:01 pm
by justcindy
My twitching story began in November of 2007. I had been dealing with major depression and anxiety since March of that year, after my husband was misdianosed with heart disease (that's a whole other story). Anyway, in attempt to treat the anxiety and depression, I was prescribed Lexapro, which sent me totally over the edge. After that, a series of different SSRI meds - all of which made me sicker than the other. Lastly, I got an appointment with a psychiatrist who prescribed Prozac. It didn't make me sick, but about 2 weeks in I noticed muscle twitching. I googled muscle twitching and rest is history. By New Year's eve, I was desperate and ready to say good bye to this world. On the recomendation of a medical friend of mine, I changed psychs and found this site. The new psychaitrist did a clinical exam when I told him I feared that I had als. He decreased by Prozac by half and I have improved steadily since. It has taken a year, but I am more myself than I have been since this all started.

I say all that to say this. I would not have made it if it had not been for the info that I found on this site. I have to admit that a year ago the tone was a bit different, but still, just knowing other people who were experiencing the same symptoms as me and weren't dying. It was SUCH a relief. I come back here from time to time, just to keep me grounded and remind me that BFS can be weird, uncomfortable but BENIGN. I have learned that I will probably have to accept Prozac as a fact of my life. My chemical imbalance is finally level. Hormone tests are all good now. I believe that anxiety, hormone imbalance due to menopause and side effects of drugs have ALL attributed to my situation. I can't argue about what causes this condition and don't care too, but I know that we are tempermentally different. That's okay.

I have to agree with something Basso noted in one of the posts here. At first, I needed positive input until I got the fear until control. Then, I could deal with the "knowledge" and at one point I had to know that stuff. Now, I don't care. I deal with twitching and other weird sensations, but I'm okay. After a year, I can accept that.

Please understand how important this site is. Pros and cons can be listed, but for me it was a place I could hook onto and ride the worst of this period of hell out. I am very, very thankful all you veterans were there.