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CFS? No thanks....

PostPosted: November 20th, 2008, 9:22 pm
by ImOK
OK - I've read about all the fascics stuff I can stand. I used to have them along with a lot of other weird sensations mixed in with hyper-toned muscles (hence the Dx CFS) but they are pretty much gone now. Oh, I still get some stuff but attribute it to nerves irritated by tension in some muscles and a few spinal issues. It was all a bit weird at times but in general not a problem for me, however the cramping/hypertonia is still here and has not gotten better. Does anybody else have this problem?

For the curious. Yes it hurts. Well, maybe if I was couch potato it wouldn't. Or if I took the drugs my neuro and all the specialists have been pushing it wouldn't be much of a problem. However, the drugs all mess something else up so it's always some haphazard trade and doesn't seem worth it. Yes, I've found some things that help but it's like a full-time job to do all the maintenance - restrictive diet, physical therapy, meditation. None of it works as in, takes care of it - it is all just to help a little bit. It vacillates - some days are definitely better than others, consistency of any sort is a daily to weekly thing.

I'm wondering who here has or had this cramping and muscle hypertonia problem, what you do/did about it, and how you are coping. The only thing left (a suggestion by the last specialist) is a muscle biopsy but I am taking a break from the specialist merry-go-round until January at least.