Top Ten Lesser Known Symptoms of BFS (funny)

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Top Ten Lesser Known Symptoms of BFS (funny)

Postby MarioMangler on September 24th, 2008, 2:15 am

Hopefully this will be good for a laugh for someone. After all, they say that laughter is the very best medicine! I'm sure we all can relate to this.

The Top Ten Lesser-Known Symptoms of BFS

10. The remarkable ability to diagnose BFS in any other person in the world, but the complete inability to diagnose it in yourself. After all, when it's my symptoms, it's different.

9. The innate ability to seek out evil neurologists who are only here to lie to us. Bastards. We BFS'ers know that there are a lot of them.

8. The amazing ability to have a nasty sinister disease 1 hour out of the day, but no disease at all the other 23.

7. The ability to recognize every single twitch in your body, even ones you have probably had for years and just didn't notice. Holy crap, is that my pancreas?

6. Super Googling ability. A true BFSer can find any nasty disease in the world in just five key strokes. Beat that, Al Gore. The internet is mine.

5. The ability to put ourselves in the shoes of any person with any disease in any tiny little corner of the world. If someone once had Norwegian tsetse fly malaria in 1932, apparently now we have it too. After all, we heard there was muscle ache involved.

4. The magical ability to walk around the block and go to the grocery store thirty minutes after having "calf muscle atrophy."

3. The foresight to know that you will one day beat astronomical odds and make medical history by becoming the first person in 5,000 years to have BFS and later have it turn into something else. I mean, damnit, I know it has never happened before. But it will with me. I know this, because I have Jedi mind powers!

2. The Rain Man-like ability to calculate that my right forearm has only 99.999997999 percent of the strength that it did on January 8th. But 102.33333333 percent of the strength that it had on March 17th.

1. The infuriating habit of finding neurologists who apparently have no idea what neurology is, and/or have no clue what an EMG does or how an MRI works. Man, we seem to attract those idiot doctors like flies! Why do they even let them get out of medical school??

Enjoy your Wednesday, BFS sufferers. Hope you enjoyed that. 8)
1. No, that's not bulbar
2. No, the location doesn't matter
3. Yes, we have all had that symptom
4. No, you're not the exception
5. No, that's not ominous
6. No, you don't need an EMG
7. Yes, you will be fine
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Top Ten Lesser Known Symptoms of BFS (funny)



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