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Back again..... Ridge in palm :(

PostPosted: July 27th, 2008, 2:01 am
by nikkikb
Hi everyone,

Have not been on here since March and thought I was done worrying about *** but here I am again. Last Sept I had a strong twitch in my arm for about two hours. I have always been a hypochondriac so I immediately googled it and found ***. Panicked for a while but since two weeks later nothing else had happened I forgot about it. Then in the October my best friends boyfriend was diagnosed with ***. A week later my eye started twitching and didn't stop for a week. Then I started twitching all over. Then I found a strange dent on the front of my hand. By the Jan I was a mess and had been referred by my GP to a neuro (for my peace of mind according to doc as he said nothing was wrong). Saw the neuro in March and he said there was no sign of anything like *** and not to worry about it. He did not give me an EMG. Twitches had stopped by then so I forgot about the 'atrophy' and got on with my life. Decided to get fit and lost 30lbs in weight and started exercising every day. Then 3 weeks ago I had to stop exercising due to my house move and at the same time my thumb started twitching. Was on and off every few days but got me feelign anxious again. Then last week I had to carry a very heavy bag for about 40 mins and afterwards my arm was shaking uncontrollably for about an hour. Arm felt funny and trembly for a few days. Now I have noticed a ridge in the palm of my hand. It is a vertical ridge directly under the ring finger and is about an inch long (so goes from the bottom of the ring finger to the first horizonal line on the palm). Am starting to freak out again and don't know what to do to stop myself. I can't feel any weakness yet but every morning I wake up worried that the ridge will be worse or the finger above will be weak.

Will this *** fear ever really go away?