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Lurker finally decided to chime in

PostPosted: July 14th, 2008, 11:13 am
by twicthingteacher
Hello all,

My name is Ebony and I've been looking at this board for almost a year and a half when I need reality/sanity checks so I thought I'd finally join to thank all of you and tell you my story. It's long, so bear with me

I'm 27 years old and I'm a teacher in Metro Atlanta GA. If I had to pinpoint when all of this started, I guess it would be after I had a thallium stress test on my heart done by my doctor (went to see him for chest pressure, and my EKG was abnormal) so that sent me into a frenzy worrying about what else could be wrong with me.The stress test was fine, turns out I have GERD and was given Acidpex. My hands and feet would tingle, my face would tingle, sometimes my back would hurt, so I began thinking it could be something as simple as a B-12 deficiency or as complex as MS. I went to my Dr, and her thoughts were that the tingling could be diabetes (I'm very overweight and it runs in the family) so she ran the standard blood tests, and all were normal, so she said it was panic/anxiety. While I was taking Keflex for my sinus infection, I noticed (Nov 2006) my muscles were twitching, I thought it was nothing at first, then I remembered watching an HBO documentary on Jennifer Estes and remembered hearing that she felt twitches in her muscles,(missing completely the part where she said she was tripping all the time, funny how the mind works). So that sent me into full fledged defcon 8 PANIC MODE about ALS. I made a neurologist appt immediately. In his office I explained my symptoms and as I was going over them, I started to cry. He reassured me and told me that the primary ALS symptom is weakness and atrophy. He performed a full neuro exam, told me my muscles were VERY strong. Scheduled a brain MRI (I was getting headaches too so I was scared I had a tumor) and gave me an EMG even though he knew I didn't need one. All the tests came back normal (aside from fasics in my right foot). So I then decided after spending almost $800 on ER trips and doctors visits, that the problem was mental (I was under some emotional stress at the time of all of this, having relationship stuff and a crisis of faith). Started going to counseling, taking Lexapro and all was right with the world.
Fast forward 18 months later, and a new symptom almost has me ready to go back down a dark road: tremors. When I wake up in the morning my hands will feel shaky, or when I'm holding something down by my side sometimes my hand will shake. Sometimes it feels like my face is shaking too. Or I look at my legs and swear one of them is smaller than the other (even getting tape measure to verify) because they're not shaped the exact same way. So the "what ifs" start, what if my EMG was too soon, what if it's slow onset.I exercise one day, and feel stiff and sore the next day and I freak out, not thinking rationally that my joints have lots of weight on them so they're going to ache after exersice. Yesterday I walked around my house on my heels and toes to make sure I still could (even though a week ago I walked UPHILL with a 60 lb child on my back and ran to the phone with I heard my boyfriend's ringtone). I stumble or slip over words when I talk and I'm flicking my tongue out all over the place,watching myself smile and saying tongue twisters to check for "bulbar onset" even though the night before I ate Japanese and sang karaoke, not to mention I GAINED the 40+ pounds I lost over the past year. I look at my handwriting to see if it looks sloppier then it did before. All the while forgetting the words of my neurulogist and common sense. So, I've come to the conclusion that I am an obese BFS/BFCS sufferer with GERD and Anxiety Disorder. Do any of you guys have these moments or am I just crazy? Is the stress of starting graduate school again causing me to flip out?

Ebony "twitching teacher"