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Good News: I got the BFS Diagnosis

PostPosted: July 11th, 2008, 9:04 am
by geeks
Dear Friends,

Well, I am writing to report that, as many of you, I have just been greatly relieved to the the "Benign Fasciulations" diagnosis from a neurologist.

Earlier this year I'd suffered from tingling and buzzing in my feet, and consulted a podiatrist who diagnosed "Fat Pad Atrophy", postulating that my tingling was the result of the direct pounding on the muscles and nerves of my feet. I did hav some tests done, and nothing turned up. However, I've been plagued with twitching and cramping, especially in my feet, and since these had gotten worse in the course of this year, I recently mentioned them to my internist, who thoughtlessly (and in retrospect, incorrectly) mentioned to me that these were symptoms of **S and that I should see a neurologist. (I've had no loss of strength, just plenty of twitching, cramping, and some anxiety tremors.) Of course I fell into a terror, and I simply had to live through some time until I could see a neuro and get another EMG scheduled. This morning a very through neurologist stuck me about 20 times and then "broke ranks," not waiting until the doctor's office called me, to tell me directly that there was nothing pathological going on. I asked him if my twitching could be the result of stress, and he responded that this was most likely BFS, which plagues a significant portion of the population.

So my neurologist is putting me through some other tests, examining my spine and such, but the greatest fear is now gone. Thanks be to God. I know that many of you pray regularly and have remember me and others--I'll do the same for you.