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Hey Everyone!

Postby Karin Joy on July 6th, 2008, 11:48 pm

Hey everyone -

I haven't been here for awhile - and just wanted to check in and say hi. I still have the twitching - not as bad as it has been - I now have the twitching in the lips/eye, etc.. and have the weird tremors in my hands and forearms (these are all new symptoms) I just know that it is all BFS related.

I saw a great neurologist to help me deal with the pain/cramping - my other neurologist are all about natural healing - I just couldn't deal with the pain.

He gave me the 100% clear of *** - he was so great and gave me all the answers I needed - did the exam was kinda laughing at me and said YOU DO NOT HAVE ***! So, he gave me some meds to help with the pain, I have been taking them for about two weeks now and I cannot believe the difference! I am having one more EMG on August 1 - just to make sure no changes, and not becuse he feels I need one - it is for my peace of mind to convince me that there are no changes!

My point is believe what your doctors say and your neurologists they know. And trust me I think I was convinced that I was doomed - but it is all BFS realted - it is not fun, but to know that I am not dying and I get to be here for my beautiful girls and my family - I enjoy every day. :D

I have been working out again, but the docs say not to go overboard like I ma 20 years old (I still am in my mind) and am doing great.

Love all you guys -

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Hey Everyone!



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