Persistent Thumb Twitch - Really worried now

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Persistent Thumb Twitch - Really worried now

Postby missm on June 9th, 2008, 12:19 am

Hi everyone,

I have been experiencing random body twitches *legs, arms, face, tongue, tummy etc) for about 6 months.

I saw my doc, 6 mths ago and got referred to neuro. In the absence of any weakness, reflex issues etc, he sent me home without any further tests.

I stopped worrying for a while, then I notice it was still going on, got back onto Dr google, and started to worry.

Anyway since then I have been back to doc several times who believes it's anxiety and I need treatment for this.

I had started to feel better that was it, then over the weekend my thumb started twitching visibly whilst at rest....ALL THE TIME, and almost 24 hours later IT IS STILL TWITCHING.

This is really freaking me out as I thought that if twitching is just in one area it is more sinister, as I say to date the twitching has seemed more random, but this is definitely just all about my right thumb, again and again.....

I dont want my doc to get fed up with me, but do you tink I should go show him?

I dont get it, just as I was beginning to feel cool that it was just anxiety, almost immediately it steps up a gear, almost as if to say, "you cant ignore me" - or ois that getting way too paranoid!!
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Persistent Thumb Twitch - Really worried now



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