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Neurology visit (reads like a deja vu of other postings)

PostPosted: May 22nd, 2008, 11:01 am
by suchamess
So, I saw a neurologist this AM, previously had only worked with my PCP. He did a very basic examination, but nothing else.This doctor was so very kind, but very stern that "no, you do not have ALS." And I would say, "...but what if this is just early signs....blah blah blah." and he would just repeat "no, you do not have ALS." He said "your twitching is actually called a fasciculation and you have a condition called benign fasciculation." He said ALS will not present like this with a normal exam. He wouldn't do an EMG since I'd already pushed for two MRI's in the past and he thinks that this could be a never ending cycle for me that needs to stop here. So, I was actually relieved and I want to trust him.

The weird thing is that after hearing about some of the jerking, he said I may have a sleep disorder that's causing me not to get fully replenished and might make the benign fasciculations worse. So, I'm actually going to go to a sleep lab. Don't know what good it will do...but whatever. He said that my arm may twitch for another day or for the rest of my life, but it's benign. He said that he could prescribe a "benzo?" if it really bothered me.

Nothing exciting and nothing that some of the veterans don't post all the time....Just thought I'd add the voice of one more neurologist saying the same old story.