100% better!

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100% better!

Postby kim on September 30th, 2003, 6:42 pm

HI all!

Just a note to let you know that BFS can go away! I am totally symptom free now. after a year+ of twitching, it's finally gone. I have been slowly getting better and better, and for the past several weeks my twitching became almost non-existant to gone!

If you read through my posts, I have had my ups and downs. And at times I fell straight back into my ALS fears.

I am convinced that the less I fed into my fears and gave my twitching no power. The more they would dissapear. I would ignore them and try not to worry. It was hard at first, but became easier with time. Finally, I gave up this site for a few weeks. (Which at first was my life line.) Not coming here, and not thinking about it at all, and not worring for others, and not going to those "bad places" in my head, was the best thing I could have ever done. I also attribute a big part of my recovery to SSRI's. (I know many of you don't buy into the anxiety theory. But unless you give it your best shot, you'll never know.)

I have left my ALS fears behind. I am living a normal life again, and I probably won't be around here much. But, just know that there is hope. We can get better. For me, getting a positive mental attitude was everything! Staying off the computer is a huge plus, and I can only hope that you guys will find the same!

Thanks to all for your support over the past year!

I'm going on a cruise to the Bahamas for my 40th B-day this weekend. I plan on having the best time I've had in a long time!

If you have any questions, PM me. I won't be checking in again for a while.

Lots of Love!

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Postby John on September 30th, 2003, 10:01 pm

Hi kim
My 40th birth day is in February ,I wish I could go to the Bahamas . It is almost a year for me ,and I am getting better everyday , last tuesday was as twitch free as i have been since it all started .I want to say thanks to you ,because you did help me with some of my questions,and I know that you have helped many people on this site.
Live a good life ,and remember that if you can survive what you have been through that you can take anything life has for you. You can only be stronger now .

Good Luck :wink: John
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Postby skinny on October 1st, 2003, 3:18 am

Hi Kim,

I read some of your previous posts and noticed you are taking Zoloft. Do you think that made your twitches go away? What are you experiences on Zoloft, I'd like to know.

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Postby nickic on October 1st, 2003, 7:03 am

I am on Zoloft and it has not made my twitches go away. However I am only on a low dose (50mg) per day.

However I don't think my twitches are any worse plus I am far less anxious than I was.
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Postby Renae on October 1st, 2003, 7:24 am

Great news, Kim! I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling great! Have fun in the Bahamas and Happy 40th!!

Take care-
Renae :)
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Postby Nole on October 2nd, 2003, 7:57 pm

Great news Kim, CONGRATS!! I to barely twitch, some days I have none. It is great to go on with life again isnt it?? I feel great also!! For those of you our there, stop the worrying, live your life, and things will get better.
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