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Tongue twitcher and terrified

PostPosted: May 12th, 2008, 3:18 am
by May
I hope you have the patience for a new twitcher...It all started 6 months ago. I was having lunch and then felt my first tongue twitch. I thought it was funny at first, until I decided to google it… To make a 6 months story short, I've seen 5 neurologist (all said "you don't have ***") had an EMG, brain MRI, CK blood test – all which were fine. Before the tongue twitches begun, I felt my speech was heavy, though this was not a new feeling for me. I've had this sensation of heaviness for 3 years now (on and off – although now it's ON ALL THE TIME). I've read some of the symptoms you all BFSers have and I can tell you I've had it all. I have twitches in my calf, stomach, lips, feet – the whole thing.

This has been pure hell. I lost my job since I found it hard functioning on daily basis. Had it not been for the tongue twitching, I probably would have felt a whole lot better. It's been twitching constantly for over a month now (before it was on and off), and it now spread to a new location at the back of my tongue (I had it occur only on the tip of my tongue before). My last neurologist, whom I trust and considered to be one of the best down here, said he couldn't find anything wrong with me and that I should try to ignore the twitches and give him a call in 6 months to report whether it's getting better.
I am terrified and having a very bad day at the moment since the tongue twitching are unbearable. I guess what I need is to know that I'm not alone on this one, that there are other people with tongue twitches like myself who are fine health wise.

I know it's a matter of time until I'll know that I'm off the hook, but how does one remain sane in the meanwhile? I would appreciate any support/tips I could get. I feel I'm going completely nuts :cry:
Thank you all