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For Swedish Girl.

Postby TattooedMommy on May 9th, 2008, 10:15 am

( I had it all done and drawn out for you and I hit the wrong button and everything got wiped out)...So here it goes again.

SOME POINTERS: Onset widespread twitching is almost ALWAYS benign. Even with hotspots...meaning spots that can twitch for a few days, weeks, months or years *unfortunatley*, but you will find people w/ these hotspots often have other roving twitches i.e, which makes them benign.

Facial Twitches- Eye Twitches- Are benign in nature too. Especially eye twitches. My own neurolgist told me this. She said by the time one has facial twitches due from occurs LATE in the disease..People w/ ALS do not experience Eye twitches and facial twitches (unless late in the disease if that.

From my OWN neuro's mouth and a lot of others...IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW, WHERE, WHEN YOU TWITCH, with WHAT FREQUENCY, w/out TRUE CLINICAL WEAKNESS that can be picked up on a neuro exam or if you cannot execute certain task such as...picking up a pen, opening jars, turning a key, getting your legs into a car..Then NO WORRIES.

The famous "LUMP IN THE THROAT" is a pure true form of ANXIETY. You can go to "" and check out the symptoms. They discuss the "LUMP in the THROAT". I have never heard of a PALS speaking of it..and yes I've visited those forums...(which is a big no no). *STOP DOING IT IF YOU ARE*

PAIN, Sensory issues, pins n needles is not associated w/ ALS except in maybe VERY RARE case or TOWARDS the late of the disease (does pain occur, remember pain is sensory). Most PALS do NOT experience PAIN. [/color

[color=#FF8080]OK here are some links from the U.S's TOP NOTCH Doctors from the Cleaveland Clinic..Click on these URLS and read them in not skip around...So you can get the full understanding...

(again read those carefully. If you have not had a will ease your mind to as one neuro says with a CLEAN CLINICAL exam a EMG is often uneccesary except to ease the patients mind etc).

I hope I've Helped..I know how frustrating this can be.
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For Swedish Girl.



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