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Back from NEUROLOGIST!!!

PostPosted: April 21st, 2008, 4:15 pm
by TattooedMommy
Wow. I dont even know where to start. The past few days I have cried and cried and cried as you can tell from my posts. I was getting over the twitches then I thought I saw atrophy in my right foot and calve. This morning I woke up early..called one of the TOP neuros in my city- Dr.Counce...and actually hardly could talk to the nurse on the phone from so many tears flooding..They were booked solid, but the girl on the phone said she was going to do EVERYTHING in her power to get me in. I prayed to GOD for a opening and at 11 45 my phone rang , with the message to be there at 1:15. I was VERY ANXIOUS, I cried a bit more- I prayed, I cried...I put it in Gods hands. I got to the place. Filled out my paper work and looked @ all the patients surrounding me. Most were in a lot worse cond then myself..The nurse called me in..asked questions..etc...then a nurse practictioner came in..did a lot of test...(slightly BRISK reflex's) however she said it was common especially if I was a nervous or anxious person.. (duh, I was shaking like a leaf). She went in and the most astounding beautiful neuro walked in. Pulled up a chair right beside me...and started her exam. Everything MARKED EXCELLENT. She sat and stared at my body for a good 45 a hammer like thing tapped all my muscles and couldnt get ONE TO TWITCH (go figure :roll: ). She then said "Have you heard of......." I immediately GULPED.... "benign fasciculation syndrome"..I said "YES". She said..this is what you have... :P You'd thought I WON THE LOTTERY!!!!!! I said are you sure...??? she said 100% (Wow a 100%). She said there is ONE other test we can help you and your anxiety..but..she said..I am confident you DONT need one. I said if YOUR confident , Im confident.. She said Im totally good w/not having one. She said "this would be for your reassurance"....I said..I am fine w/ your DX.
She said I was actually at the LOW END Of the spectrum even w/ BFS. She was NEVER able to see one fasciculate, but she believed me, as I was describing them...and said...We will go ahead and call it BFS. She EVEN went to tell me some neuro's wont even dx w/ that UNLESS they see a Fasciculation.
Anyhow- she was WONDERFUL. I even showed her my "Dents" and what I thought was ATROPHY....she chuckled and reminded me we didnt have muscles in our ankles...but tendons..and those for SURE were NOT atrophy marks. She told me where and what atrophy looked like and appeared like and she said I dont see a SIGN of it on ya.
Sooo my friends..THE JOURNEY ENDS HERE!!!!!!!!! I AM IN THE BFS CLUB!!!!!
DeeDee :mrgreen: