Thanks Aaron, posting for others!

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Thanks Aaron, posting for others!

Postby TattooedMommy on April 20th, 2008, 6:04 pm

This just sums up my SCARE w/ my little indentions I have found- Thanks to Aron and his dedicated time and studying of this bfs ..I am very grateful for people on this site...

If you search your body, you WILL find all sorts of oddities, dimples, dents, creases, etc. that you never noticed before. No one's body is semetric on both sides. In fact, most people have quite a bit of difference between one side and the other. For instance, my left calf is quite a bit larger than my right even though I am right handed / right legged. You'd think logically that my right calf would be bigger and more muscular because that is my strong side, but it is quite the opposite. Proably because my left side has to work harder to keep up with the right side, so I work those muscles harder which makes them bigger. Either way, I never noticed this until I started twitching. You want to know why? Becaue I never looked before I started twitching! I never had a reason to bother looking before I started twitching and freaking out. When you do look, you WILL find something and your mind will play all kinds of stupid tricks on you, just like yours is doing right now.

Yes, if you have atrophy you will most certainly have twitches in that spot. Remember... twitches are the reaction of dying and disconnecting nerve endings. They are not the cause, but the symptom of disease already in progress. The process has to have already been in place for some time to make those muscles useless long enough to cause the muscle to waste away. If you are still strong in that area and you have no constant twitches, then it certainly isn't anything bad.

Look at someone with a cast on their arm or leg. It is on there for 6 to 8 weeks. When they take t off, their arm or leg is smaller, whiterand weaker than the one that wasn't in the cast. This is because you can't use the muscles in that limb while you are in that cast so after a few weeks, it starts to shribble up, lose its tan and become weaker. This is exactly the cycle ALS takes and about the length of time. The difference is 2 fold with ALS. 1) you can still use those weakr muscles and they will get bigger and stronger again, and 2) You WILL have twitching (true fasciculations) in the direct area that the muscle is wasting away in BEFORE it begins to waste away, as well as DURING its wasting process. There are no if's, and's, or but's about it.

ALS is a complex disease with simple symptoms and a common course. You contract it. Nerves begin to disconnect from the pathway to your brain someplace in your body. During this course, that area will start twitching as soon as the nerves begin to disconnect. After that, muscle begins to waste because they can no longer be commanded to work by the brain. You get weak in that spot because you have no command control over those muscles anymore, and it migrates from there and spreads out across your body until you no longer have control over any muscles in your body. It leaves a path of destruction behind as it migrates up limbs, across your torso and so on.

ALS does not start in one place, then jump to another. It does not get better then worse, or worse then better. It is not here this week and gone next week. It is not temporary. It dfoes not usually have pain. It is hard to feel pain when there is no nerve pathway linking that muscle to your brain to relay any feeling or pain. It does not have thumper twitches that come and go. It does not start in your foot, then jump over to your shoulder, then down to your other foot and then go away and come back someplace else a week or two later.

What you describe, with no twitching in that spot and no weakness is about as opposite from ALS as you can get. I would HIGHY suggest you STOP searching for something you do not have and find a more productive things to do with your time, especially when you KNOW this stuff can play mind games on you. Right now you are wasting part of your life time away over something that does not exist. Is that really what you want to do with your time? Do whatever you can to get your mind off it and try to move on. Get with some friends. Go to the park. Go out to dinner with a friend or two. Have a few drinks with an old friend. Go mow the lawn or wash teh car, but no matter what, do NOT keep searching for things on your body to reconfirm you don't have ALS because all you'll do is find something to cause doubt and you'll be right back here again.

Our time on this earth is limited. Don't waste what little time you have on this planet worrying about something you do not have

I hope that helped,


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Thanks Aaron, posting for others!



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