anyone else with similiar tongue problems?

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anyone else with similiar tongue problems?

Postby lilith on January 9th, 2008, 1:34 pm

My name is lilith and I started twitching 2,5 years ago, including tongue twitching. After a clean emg my symptoms became less after some months and I hardly noticed them for a long time.

But 3 weeks ago my tongue again started twitching and i am freaking out again. I have spontaneous twitches and also after flexing my tongue, or after coughing and yawning. sometimes it feels more like a kind of little spasmus. Most of them at the tip of my tongue.
What scares me most is that I also get twitches while i am talking, and I have the feeling that sometimes i do not pronounce the "s" correctly.
My tongue also burns, like a pins and needels feeling....It is much more bad than 2 years ago.
I get crazy with that. All day i watch myself how i am talking, control my tongue in the mirrow, I feel really desperate....

Although I think it would be very uncommon to develope *** after such a long time. especially not the bulbar type???
Also the pins and needles feeling do not go along with ***, am i right?
My husband says he does not noticed that i was having speaking problems, but i am convinced i noticed some.

I can not think of anything else, it is terrible, especially because i have 2 children, one is only 3 months old.

Is there anyone with similiar problems?

greetings from vienna
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anyone else with similiar tongue problems?



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