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want to start a poll

Postby Brian_B on August 12th, 2003, 12:02 am

I want to start a poll and have all the info in one post instead of searching around to find on various posts

how often do you twitch? and yes I know it will vary

what places have twitched?

what are your most common "hot" spots?

and my answers

obviously it varies from day to day but I do twitch every day and usually every hour although not always

pretty much everything, from forehead to feet to calves to upper and lower arms to stomach and back ect.

lately hot spots have been chin and right posterior calf

before that was right side of back and upper left arm
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Postby DanielDK on August 12th, 2003, 8:49 am

Hi Brian-boy!

Well.....I will go directly to the questions, since I' m not a guy with humor nor fantasy - actually, I´m very serious, and I´d prefer if everyone in here was too!

Hmm...Ok...THAT was a joke - What I basically mean to say is - How come the "Lounge - Off-topic - forum" is so desolate....No one ever post there??! What about discussing our general lifes....The non existent WMD, Liberia, Love, Jokes...Oh - how about a joke-forum etc..... That would be soooo cool!

Ok...Well, back to the questions you asked... - Well, I really dont twitch a lot lately - perhaps 15-20 noticeable twitces daily. i usually twitch in the small muscle just above the knee - you all know how irritating that is! And usually also in my left biceps. (It's so big though (the biceps), so 9/10 times I dont even feel the twitch......haha!). I hope my BFS is disappearing slowly....In the past I´ve around one or two hotspots, that lasted for a few hours.

I guess I´m kinda mildly attacked here - hope I dont upset any of you hardcore twitchers out there :oops:

That´s all for now, you brave Capulets and Montegues! I will continue my math-studies for my soon-to-come-soon-to-die-from-nervousity-exam this thursday!

My thoughts to all fo you,

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Postby Jenn311 on August 12th, 2003, 10:02 am

Hey Daniel...

You really do need to lighten up you know...you are way to serious. Hey I did make one post a while back where you could post jokes...but sadly the idea did not catch on. :cry: .

I twitch about as much as Daniel lately. I can't even say I have any current hot spots. They are pretty even dispersed....

Maybe I'll go make another post in the Lounge.
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