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That whole 10 year thing (it's OK this is a reasuring post)

PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 6:32 am
by Flash19
BFS is very common. It is very possible that the ALS dude (if he is genuine) suffered independently from BFS prior to his completely unconnected development of ALS.

I doubt if he couldn't provide a definitive answer that one.

Here are the facts as we know them;

1) BFS is not a precursor to ALS. Many many more people have BFS than ALS. If everyone with BFS were to get ALS then we would have noticed by now. The reason we are here is not because we have BFS, but because we have NOTICED it. Many of us openly exhibit symptoms of hypochondria. That is why we have noticed the BFS. How many of you have shown someone else a twitch and they have gone "Oh - I get those too"?

2) Watching 'The Simpsons' is not a precursor to suicide, but I bet that if you look at instances of suicide then some of those people watched 'The Simpsons' before sticking their heads in the cooker. Likewise the majority of people with ALS will have watched 'The Simpsons' at some point. So it is likely that some people afflicted with BFS will independantly go on to develop ALS, often if not usually many years later. In fact even some hypochondriacs will go on to develop ALS.

3) ALS doesn't have that many well know symptoms other than twitching, muscle atrophy, paralyses, and death. AIDS has many symptoms. Sore throat is a symtom of AIDS. It is really easy for a hypochondriac to catch pseudo AIDS.

4) Worst case scenario and some of us do have an unknown strain of ALS that gives 10 years warning before it suddenly blossoms. Well wouldn't that be useful in finding a treatment for ALS?

5) The thing that most makes me doubt this guy:

the part about the wheels falling off

You see from my understanding if the ALS starts slow then it tends to continue slow.

6) There are a lot of sick f***s out there. What story would most scare us? Easy - THIS ONE. So by some coincidence the only ALS person that chooses to post on our forum is the one that's had it for 10 years. Also note his mode of operating, it seems to me that by dropping hints and not providing any detail he's trying to eek things out to inflict maximum damage??? If he really had ALS wouldn't he jump in helping to reassure us? If he really had ALS and his story was true, would he consider it doing a good deed to go posting it? COME ON - WAKE UP FOLKS!

7) HOW DID HE TYPE IT? So this guy is sitting there a year after his wheels fell off and it's going to take him 4 freakin hours to type anything, so rather than ask for the channel to be changed he surfs his way over to the BFS forum.

8) And oh yes, he's been lurking here, the implication being prior to his diagnosis with ALS, and he picks now to type a message ONE YEAR LATER...

If something looks like a turd, smells like a turd, feels like a turd, then you can bet it's going to taste like a turd.

Now let me give you an unrelated example...

(Amongst other things) I am a publican. When I took over this bar I had the real ale hoses changed, and all the cellar equipment replaced. The first week everything was finished this dude comes in and orders a pint of real ale. After drinking it he comes back to the bar and asks to have a word with me. He claims that he too is a publican, and that he has real ale in his bar. He tells me that his lines have caught some kind of bacterium that isn't killed by cleaning fluid. He tells me that it imparts a funny taste to the ale. He tells me that the only cure is to have all the cellar equipment and beer lines replaced and that this costs £1000s. He tells me that from the taste of my ale he can tell categorically that it has been infected by that exact same bacterium. I tell him to GTF. For those that don't know the first two letters stand for "GET TO".

Like I said the world is full of sick f***s.

When I was younger at the height of the hetero AIDS scare in the early 90s, this guy I knew claimed he knew 4 women that were infected. He wouldn't tell me who they were, except that I knew them all. This dude was 36, I was 22 and crapping myself. Just then my ex-girlfriend walked over and started talking to him. He knew her. He just gave me this knowing look.

So the only person in the world to have had ALS (and the implication is that it developed out of BFS) for 10 years and then suddenly go downhill in the matter of a few months is also the only person wil ALS to post in the BFS forumn. You know what I say to that?



Best post ever

PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 6:50 am
I like posts like this one, it is the real deal, I can tell just by the post the Flash is no *beep* artist, I think he is right about the ALS guy.


PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 7:30 am
by Jenn311
You are awsome Flash. Thanks for taking the time to post that.
:wink: Jen

PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 8:00 am
by GrymReeper
i think you have to be acreful before you label some one less than genuine without facts. yes, it IS curious. but, innocent until proven guilty. i may have my private opinions, but i won't air them here unless i know for sure. dangerous slope. i don't know anything about a possible "10 year strain". what we know is what we know. als is usually an unrelenting, horribly progressive, devastating illness that doesn't leave much room for doubt from very early on. by early i mean symptom/test/exam wise.

why don't you ever talk about the much more common, and provable, cases? remember catfish hunter? pretty typical. knew something was wrong but didn't go to the doctor until he couldn't pick up his shotgun. COULDN'T PICK UP HIS SHOTGUN. how many of you can't pick up 12-15 pounds?

Lesson in Subtelty

PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 10:50 am
by Flash19
That wasn't me labeling him. I was just dancing around it a bit. Believe it or not that's me just one notch down from all out subtlety.

Innocent until proven guilty doesn't apply on the Internet. Here the rule is 'ambivalent 4 ever'. It is hard to impart emotive content in the written medium. Worse still all you have to go on is what someones typed. For example, I don't even know for sure if Kerri is a female, but in the absence of any contradictions I must proceed on that basis. If she decides to take me up on the offer of a discrete rendervous on the IRC channel #gangbangdogsex, then hey - fingers crossed.

The Internet is a boon for certain devient types. If I have a problem with a real person, then I approach them face on. From experience the problem is usually one of misscommunication. There are certain types however that will telephone you with the location of your boiled bunny, or text that they've left you for your sister from their mobile, or leave a voicemail informing their employer that they shat in the hamburger machine. Next rung down you have the poison pen letter scum, or the heavy breathers. The finally you decend into the gutter level with putting turds on your doorstep in the middle of the night, the odd sprinkling of car bomb here and there.

The Internet provides scope for the poison pen writer to inflict the cyber equivalent of a car bomb.

Not that I'm saying the self titled 'guy with ALS' is one of those.

Anyhow I'm off to post about how candida killed my imaginery brother, on In case anyone goes looking, my post will be entitled "YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH!!!" and the author is 'DEAD BROTHER'.



PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 11:02 am
by kim

You are alright in my book! Your posts not only make sense, but they make me happy! Laughter is the best medicine, and you can give me a house call anytime!

I'm so glad you have come to this site!


PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 11:10 am
by GrymReeper
Flash, do send me the link to the gangbangdogsex site, please.

PostPosted: August 7th, 2003, 2:15 pm
by dwl
careful you don't catch a cybercandida infection

PostPosted: August 8th, 2003, 1:47 am
by twitchaholic
I peed when I read these posts. I really peepeed. THey were so funny. Thanks, Flash. Wish I had a pen pal like you. Ha ha ha ha pee ha ha ha ha ha pee.

PostPosted: August 8th, 2003, 7:58 am
by Jenn311
Lisa, you crack me up girl!