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Good post

PostPosted: July 30th, 2003, 11:32 am
Hi Guys,

I have been trying to stay out of here, I only sneak a peak once and a while. I am trying to get my life back together, it is hard. I agree with the CarolMarie poster scenario, I have asked several doctors about her posts and they said impossible.

I went to yet another neuromuscular specialist yesterday, this guy was recommended by the MDA site. He was great, this makes my 4th neurologist.

He told me that it is natural to worry about things like this but stop. He told me flat out that I have BFS. He said BFS can last weeks, months or even years but he could not see any fasciculations nor did I feel any at the time, but I felt so weak, it was hot out and I was nauseated and have the most unpleasant stomach symptoms, and he did my neuro exam and it was completely normal. He has seen four patients this year with BFS, that gives you an idea of how common it is. He said that it is very common. He told me he has two patients that he has seen for three and four years, they both are still freaked out and he admitted to me that he no longer needs to see them anymore he just does to keep them calm.

He hopes that mine are on there way out and he advised me to stop using Xanax, it is only a hort term fix and may actually worsen my situation. He said try to do it without drugs, I am going to try without drugs, I do want to get pregnant and I cannot be on all these medications.

I do not know if I am done here I hope I am.

P.S. He said in the thirty some odd years of practice he has never seen a patient present with twitching and go on to get the other thing.

P.S.S When I tried to get an appointment with this guy back in february they told me AUGUST was the first available. My neuro friend is such a sweetheart he called him up and got me in right away.

My good friend who is a neuro also told me " Kerri if you have that I am going back to med school".

Here is the icing on the cake, remember I said that a doctor told me my reflexes were brisk, well it was not my neurologist it was a GP. My reflexes just kick every so slightly now they are normal. The doctor said reflexes should be a little brisk, what you do not want is almost full extension of the leg. He laughed and said my dear you can not get more normal than those reflexes, he said that when a doctor is seeing a patient he cannot make the call of brisk in one visit, he or she needs to see the patient a few more visits to decide, because anxiety can make your reflexes a little brisk. HE SAID I WAS PROBABLY NERVOUS THAT TIME.


PostPosted: July 30th, 2003, 11:47 am
by dan123
Great post...keep thinking about what he told really help to think about the positive things...I am have my 1st EMG today...After my clean results comes back I will move on and leave it at that...God love and keep the faith.

PostPosted: July 30th, 2003, 11:53 am
by tlotoxl
thanks for the post kerri. i hoep you can take a vacation from the board now and enjoy your life free from the anxiety that we've all known.

PostPosted: July 30th, 2003, 12:02 pm
by Jenn311

Darlin', I am really glad to hear you sounding so up. I hate to see you torture yourself by going on to the ALS sites. Now, LEAVE! Come back and tell us all about your wedding....but you have a lot to take care of before then. You deserve a nice long break from your stress.

Love ya, Jen

PostPosted: July 30th, 2003, 4:20 pm
by DogBone
Great news - Kerri. Glad to hear you are trying to break yourself of the ALS sites, and as we all knew you do not have ALS. I no longer visit any site except this one occasionally. PERIOD. It has done me a world of good.

God Bless,