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wanted to share an email

Postby Brian_B on July 13th, 2003, 10:18 pm

the neurologist with BFS I know, I asked him if he had seen this article


this is his email when he replied to me

I have seen that same article in my searches. It
reminded me of me, except I was worse. I am a
neurologist, and have read the literature. But when I
noticed my fasciculations two years ago, and I was
evaluated by EMG which was normal, my intellectual
left brain said I was OK. But my right brain kept
worrying. It is not rational.

But I was working long hours in those days, I put in
14 hours and longer per day. And I would usually feel
washed out afterward for the past 20 years. But after
the fascics, any fatigue made me worry. But I can
still do what I did 10 years ago.

But I still spend many minutes in front of my bathroom
mirror looking for attrophy, looking at my tongue, I
measure my forearms and calves about once a week
perhaps now down to once a month. Every morning I do
my 20 pushups and 50 deep knee bends for exercise but
also just to look for weakness. Its crazy but I can't
resist doing it. The exercise is probably good for me

I hope when I reach the 5 year mark, I will stop this
*beep*. My rational mind says, "cut it out you daft
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Selfless giver of time
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Postby sheilainsa on July 14th, 2003, 6:17 am

Hi Brian

I hadn't seen this article, but its great to know that even doctors can get themselves into a panic over twitching.

Thanks for the posting.
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