Very frightened, can anyone help?

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Very frightened, can anyone help?

Postby dmorgan on June 27th, 2003, 1:18 pm

Hi guys. I Have never felt anything like this in my life. Along the side of my foot a bit above the pinky toe I have a visible muscle twitch that no joke has not stopped but for a few hours here and there for three days. I even woke up last night with it twitching. I am scared to death!

Occassional twitches are one thing but this beast simply will not let up and

Sould I worry? Is this an als thing??? I think I'm mostly worked up because I read ALS starts in hands and feet. I am only 25 but am quite freaked out by this. The magnitude of the twitch has gone down from yesterday so I guess (even ashamed to say it) I have myself thinking it's subsiding because the muscle is dying. Can anyone help calm me down?

Many advance thanks,

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Postby dwl on June 27th, 2003, 1:28 pm

"hot spots" can last for days or weeks. My lip has been going for the last 14 weeks :-(

Hang on in there!

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Postby Craig on June 27th, 2003, 2:05 pm

Jeni, the insteps of my feet have been twitching almost nonstop for the past 9 months. Sometimes they calm down for a couple of days, but they are twitching almost all of the time.

Also, my experience has been that the more I focus on a particular area of my body that is twitching, the worse it seems to get.

Take care,

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Postby reneeintx on June 27th, 2003, 2:27 pm


Mine is basically in my insteps. I have had the twitching on top of my feet too. I've been twitching for nearly 7 months, with no weakness. Hopefully yours will go away for good and you'll never have to come back here unless you want too. Whether you twitch or not it's always good to have more friends.

Try to calm down, I know it's hard. I've been dealing with this for 7 months and I still sometimes fall of the "mental wagon"and need help, be it from here, my gp, neurologist, medication. Sometimes even a good old jog kicks in the happy endorphins that alleviates the depression from BFS.

Glad to meet you, even though it's here in our little twitching corner of cyberspace.

Renee :)
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Postby Jenn311 on June 27th, 2003, 4:00 pm

Hi Jeni...

Your twitch really does sound of the very harmless variety, esp. if you are only 25! If you are worried, go see a doctor, who will undoubtedly reassure you much better than we can.
Cool name, BTW! :wink:
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Postby Davidd on June 30th, 2003, 8:56 pm


I know it's difficult, but try not to worry about it! For two days straight last week I had visible twitching in the muscle near my thumb that was visibly twitching and causing my thumb to move...these things happen with BFS and it's best to try to just remember that it is harmless..even though they can be scary. It will go away...but the thing about BFS and what makes it so difficult to deal with sometimes is the uncertainty as to where it will show up next. That's the soon as you've thought you've had it everywhere....BOOM! It shows up somewhere else.

Hang in'll be fine

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Postby Arron on July 1st, 2003, 11:41 pm

dmorgan, "usually" with BFS the twitches start in the hand, calf or the feet as well, and they can stay in that same spot for a while (hours, days and even weeks).

BFS and ALS is a waiting game. It IS scary, I know, but PLEASE don't be alarmed. So far, what you have described is totally in line with how BFS usually starts as well.

If you get weakness or find that you are having difficulty moving your toes or foot, then by all means, go see a doctor! But if it just twitches without any weakness or aparent signs of atrophy or loss of muscle control. It is most likely then... BFS :-)

If it is BFS, it is inevitable that it will spread all over your body and you will twitch in all kinds of places, from big thumpers to little tiny vibrations. That is what BFS does. So don't be alarmed when (not "if") this happens, OK? It is "normal" for BFS to do that.

Give it some time to see what it does, and in the mean time, try to stay calm. ALS is extremely rare as it is, let alone in younger people, which is even more rare.
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Postby kim on July 2nd, 2003, 1:18 pm


Best advise I can give is to stay off the internet trying to find answers. Come here for support and advise, but see a Dr. if you become concerned. The more I read into my BFS, the worse it got. I would stay up nights on-line trying to find answers. I convinced myself that I had every disease imaginable. Even if my symptoms only remotely resembled those I read.

From what you are telling us so far, it sounds like BFS or something really benign.

Take it easy, and keep in touch!

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Postby angela on July 2nd, 2003, 4:02 pm

Hi, my upper lip twitched aboout very 10 minutes for 2 weeks. I started writing down the # of twitches and then I lost track and gave up. Now I get roving twitches, scalp, insteps of feet, calves, thumb, little toe...but no weakness. Definitely see a doctor if you're worried. But if you check out ok, I think this is just one of those things we'll have to live's maddening, but this on line supposrt has really helped me so if I were you, i'd check out previous postings and you'll likely find very similar symptoms. hopefully that will ease your mind. We are all in this crazy boat together :o)
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