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Turning point

PostPosted: June 10th, 2003, 3:11 pm
To all of you long time twitchers, what was the turning point for all of you, when did you finally realize that BFS was just that a benign condition, and how often do you guys twitch now.


PostPosted: June 10th, 2003, 3:45 pm
by Brian_B
well honestly I dont know if Ive really accepted its a benign thing yet or not, even though its been over a year.

and some days I twitch a lot, and some days hardly notice any at all.

PostPosted: June 10th, 2003, 6:23 pm
by Rich Longer
When it got quite a bit better - but even after that sometimes the old doubt creeps back

PostPosted: June 10th, 2003, 11:49 pm
by Arron
It took over a year for me to become convinced, but that's because there were no sites like this one at the time. I had to "rough it" and didn't have access to other's with the same condition.

As far as how I feel now? I still twitch, tremor, jump, jolt, vibrate, thump and get rubbery legs pretty much on an on-going basis. Some days are better than others and some days really suck. It's benign I know, but I don't have to like it!

As one doctor friend of mine said, "some benign things aren't very benign"... how true!

PostPosted: June 17th, 2003, 8:50 pm
by Nole
About 5 months into the BFs after I found this site!