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buzzing sensation

PostPosted: May 20th, 2003, 5:53 am
I have made it three days with only 2-3 twitches and these twitches were all 1 second hit and runs, if i did not know what a twitch was I would not even have noticed them, Jenn's theory is working, " live for today and not tommorrow life doesn't last forever.

The things is though I did get the buzzing in my left hand and knee and some in my right hand, I switched from Xanax to Paxil in one day, maybe this is a side effect, or is this really a cramp and repeated fasciculation like some DR's think. What is your take on this buzzing sensation :?:

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PostPosted: May 20th, 2003, 10:47 am
by reneeintx

I take xanax on occasion. I seem to get the buzzing whether I'm taking it or not. I believe it to be a deep, fast fasciculation.

Renee :)

PostPosted: May 23rd, 2003, 8:47 pm
by Floater
the buzzing sensation is a chemical release of creatine in the muscle....and its destroying your liver!!! quick go see a doctor! :lol:

are your palms red?

PostPosted: May 23rd, 2003, 9:48 pm
by Jenn311
What in the world are you talking about floater? Where did you find that info? Urban

the jen.

Funny Floater

PostPosted: May 24th, 2003, 2:10 am
The buzzing sensations have come and gone since August as well, although they have not been prominent until the last two weeks, especially the switch from Paxil back to Xanax. I am not overly concerned, just was not sure whether really a fast twitch or a sensory symptom, and Dr. friend says sensory symptom.