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PostPosted: March 1st, 2006, 2:31 pm
by Florian
Neurology: Probing a case of twitch and burn


"A patient has a two-year history of generalized muscle twitching and a burning sensation throughout his body. The twitches increase when he's tired. His bloodwork and EMG are normal, and he's otherwise healthy," explains R. VELMURUGIAH, MD, of Edmonton, AB, who then asks, "What could be causing this, and is there any treatment available?"

The Answer was:

The most common cause of generalized muscle twitching in someone with an otherwise normal clinical examination is benign fasciculation syndrome. On the basis of your information, including a normal EMG and presumably a normal physical examination, however, I can't see a connection between the muscle twitching and burning. Of course, unexplained sensory symptoms in a younger person often raise the question of multiple sclerosis (MS). It's important to examine the patient's muscle tone looking for any evidence of spasticity. If MS is still a plausible explanation for some of the symptoms, consider an MRI of the head next. If it turns out that he was just having benign fasciculations, I wouldn't recommend any treatment. AG

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