So what if BFS WAS a bad disease?....

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So what if BFS WAS a bad disease?....

Postby Arron on March 26th, 2003, 12:25 pm

OK, so what if they never find a cure for BFS, or the never find the cause but it is found that BFS is indeed a disease of some sort. Let's consider the facts.

First off, the most life threatening thing while we are alive is life itself. No matter what you do, what you eat, how much you exercise or anything like that, you are going to die sooner or later. Linda Mccartney was living proof of that. She ate only organic foods, exercises daily, never ate red meat and so on and she died of cancer quite rapidly,as have MANY other so called health nuts. So we have to look at the picture from a distance.

Some diseases run rampant very fast and take you right away and other's linger and take you slowly. So far, NO ONE has been rendered helpless or unable to function as a normal human being with BFS, Fibromyalgia, CFS and so on. So what if it WAS a what? It is SO slow moving that life itself would probably end naturally before BFS ever did anything to you.

Sure many BFS'ers have days where they feel drained and have fatigue, but so what? It goes away sooner or later. I get fatigued quite often so I simpoly adjust my daily schedule to include a couple of small "kick back" breaks where I just relax for a few minutes and that really seems to work and I can continue throughout the day. No big deal.

The bottom line here is that there are several people that have posted on these forums that have had BFS for 25 years or more. That is a heck of a lot longer than most people that "beat" cancer live, that's for sure! These long time BFS'ers still function just fine and are still "healthy" people doing NORMAL things people do.

So why this post? To show people that there is nothing to worry about with BFS. Once you get past the ALS scare, MOVE-ON!!! There is NO need to fret or worry about this stuff. Even though it has some strange "feelings" and "sensations", it is NOT going to kill you or render you useless!

Someone said it is not "normal" to twitch this much. So what? It is not "normal" to have migrane headaches either now is it? It is not "normal" to have irritable bowel syndrome is it? It is not "normal" to have LOTS of things, but people do and the "deal with it" and move-on.

People with migranes take medications and do self treatments like lying in a dark, quiet room. People with IBS keep LOTS of Imodium handy, and people with BFS simply deal with their symptoms too and continue living.

No one EVER said BFS was "normal" or that it was "normal" to twitch profusely. But what in life IS normal? So, in a nutshell, if BFS is indeed a "disease"... who cares? There are LOTS of other things we will ALL be dealing with in life sooner or later that are a heck of a lot more menacing than BFS, so please quit worrying about it and move-on :-)
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Postby Carolmarie on March 26th, 2003, 1:03 pm

Amen to that!
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Postby Nole on March 26th, 2003, 6:05 pm

I couldn't agree more Aaron. I twitch, who cares. I used to worry so much about it, then one day I said to myself "Get off your butt and live your life, you are not going to die from this, but you will make yourself sicker and live a miserable life if you continue to dwell on it!" And guess what, it has been over six months now of a worry free life and I feel GREAT! Yes I twitch but I really cant tell you when or how much any more because I just dont think about it. And what the heck is considered "NORMAL" is anyone or anything really normal? I dont think so....we are all different, unique, people, with different needs, diseases, lifestyles, etc....but the one thing we all have in common is we only get one chance at life, we will all die someday but dont waste your life worrying about that...Go on now, live your life, dont listen to some of the bs that people are saying on the site. People with BFS live productive lives, let yourself enjoy it before it is too late... We are always here for support!!
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