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Re: Forearm Muscle Cramping

PostPosted: February 14th, 2014, 10:45 pm
by Watereddown
Watereddown wrote:I know this post is really old, but i thought I'd bump this rather than create a new thread.

I've been getting different symptoms it seems every other day. If its not one thing its another. Lately, I've been having this extremely odd tension type cramp in my left forearm, the outer part below the crease of the bicep. It is such a strange sensation. I first felt it in my right forearm, but it seems to have migrated over to my left side. I feel it throughout the day, although I won't go as far as saying its painful. Well, it's not painful at all. It just feels like someone is grabbing my arm there. When this happened to my right forearm, it lasted for a couple of days and was gone. But my left forearm is going on to two weeks now. At first, I was attributing it to anxiety (I've had a lot lately) as when I'm anxious I tend to ball up my fist unknowingly. But lately, I'm beginning to feel this is a little more serious than that. Anyone that is still active here still get this kind of tension like cramp in your forearms? And if you do, have you found anything that helps? I keep fearing that it is progressing into something more than just a tension like cramp. Any advice is appreciated!

(**BTW i feel this several times throughout the day (10-15 times) and not something I feel once or twice a week. I can also self impose it on myself by doing a simple movement with my arm)

Well just in case someone else has this symptom and stumbles upon this post. I finally got some relief. I went and bought some tiger balm and slathered it all over the forearm. I also "rested" the arm, meaning if I didn't absolutely have to use the arm, I didn't. And what do you know, once I started doing these things, in 3 days, the "cramp" sensation is now gone.

Re: Forearm Muscle Cramping

PostPosted: February 15th, 2014, 5:42 am
by ShawnW
It's amazing how all these scary symptoms go away when you stop focusing on them, and stop with insane testing.