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lip twitching?

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 1:59 am
by Brian_B
has anyone ever had any twitching just above your upper lip?

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 11:20 am
by Davidd

I have had twitching above my upper lip and below my lower lip. It is really annoying but like all the other twitches it is completely harmless.

Hang in there!


PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 12:06 pm
by Carolmarie
Yes, I have too. It is very annoying.

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 1:30 pm
by reneeintx

Yes.... ditto for me too! My cheek(face cheek that is) twitches also. Xanax seems to help the BEST. I hardly get any twitching at all. Sadly the effect wears off about 5 hours later :cry: But that's Okay I'll take 5 hours of normalcy over nothing. :)

I went jogging today 2 1/2 miles.... and I'm feeling FINE :) :)

Have a great day.. EVERYBODY!!!!!

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 6:52 pm
by Nole
Yep! I've had lip twitches before! Dont worry about it! :lol:

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 8:12 pm
by kim
I had a lip twitch or two today. It's better than the eye twitch, that drives me NUTS! :wink:


PostPosted: March 23rd, 2003, 8:41 pm
by reneeintx

I agree 100% When my eye twitches it feels like a butterfly fluttering near my eye. Butterfly kisses are nice though :)

Do you perhaps take any Benzo's(xanax, lorazipam etc...?)


lip twtiching

PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 3:02 pm
by fastpage
I had it too for a couple of days this week-end when I was really stressed out. I couldn't whistle which I am usually very good at. It has subsided but comes back once in a while.

PostPosted: March 24th, 2003, 5:39 pm
by kim

I take a 1/2 xanax at night to help me sleep.


PostPosted: March 25th, 2003, 1:39 pm
by reneeintx

Me too, sometimes take a whole one though. When I'm feeling really twitchy.

Renee :)
PS~ this might sound bad to some people but I've considered smoking pot.. don't know if it would help but what the He##! I haven't done it since I was a young lassie of 18 :D