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Video Neuro Exams

Postby Alien Host on August 27th, 2005, 6:55 pm

I have been browsing around the net and have found several good websites that show video of neurological exams. This one is very comprehensive. There is even a section where you can test your knowlege by going through the exams and making diagnosis. Then compare yours to that of a professional. (I flunked) :cry:

The reason I am posting this is because I know that many will stray looking in bad places for information. Usually we run across a web blog, or an abstract of a study that may be taken out of context.(that freaks us out) The old outdated text we find on the web just creates confusion. So if you go to this site make sure you go through the introduction and review all of the information. Here you can actually see the difference between real symptoms and "what we have thought we have experienced". Watching these videos has tought me more (eased my mind) in one hour than I have learned in alomost a year by reading bits and pieces of conflicting information. Bottom line.. The only thing I think this website is lacking is a study on BFS :wink: ... ction.html ... ompare.htm

This really helped me.. Now I am going to have a kickass weekend!
Best to all
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Video Neuro Exams



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