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Hurricanes, Stress & Twitching

PostPosted: August 25th, 2005, 9:55 pm
by Alien Host
As I sit here looking out my window at the debris and trees flying through the air, listening to the news reports coming in about damage I don't seem to be nearly as bothered by it as I was last year when we went through back to back Hurricanes. I started thinking about the storms a year ago and the amount of fatigue and stress I went through. A huge tree from across the street had fallen over missing our front door by a few feet but destroying one of our trees and covering our front yard completely. At about 4 am work crews came and started clearing the road declaring the blockage a hazard. The bulldozers started pushing the cut up parts onto my lawn tearing it up. That was the beginning of a spiraling anxiety trip that I believe led to my condition. Meanwhile a construction project at my business suffered many setbacks that cost me tens of thousands, and I am still struggling to pay for that. I have no idea what I will find tomorow morning when I wake up, but I can tell you for sure that after this past year of this madness I find new meaning to the phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff"
Just thinking out loud....