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PostPosted: August 23rd, 2005, 11:21 am
by AA
Well, its been a year without any siginificant bouts of hypochondria, but here we go.
Last year around this time, I had a bit of an MS scare... lots of twitching and extreme fatigue that was almost constant and lasted over a month. Saw a neuro who didn't seem too interested in the twitching and was adamant that I didn't have MS after the physical exam. He did do some blood tests and a follow up visit... anyway, after a clean bill of health from him, my fatigue eventually cleared up. I've been twitching away still all over randomly and sometimes in certain areas more often. The twitching never really worried me cos its been going on for so long.
What has started recently is a feeling in my hamstrings like I've been working out really hard, when in fact I haven't.
It's the "sore" day-after-a-workout feeling... I can't tell if they're "tight", since I don't know what that really means and its on both of my legs. It occurs especially in the morning or after getting up from chair. Nothing scary like weakness or anything going on. Is this "mild spasticity"? Should I just ignore it?