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My experience @ www.braintalk..didn't know where to post it

PostPosted: March 10th, 2003, 7:24 pm
by reneeintx
Does anyone here ever go to I was just wondering. Some people there are pretty rude. You ask a question..I guess the know-it-alls get tired of answering the same things over and over. I'm a new twitcher. I was just wanting some reassurance. I hardly ever take a nerve pill because I try to help myself without medication. I'm so upset by the answer I got (basically told I was an idiot) That's such a wonderful thing to read considering all the anxiousness I've been having. I'm the type of person that gets their feelings hurt very easily. I've taken a pill, because my nerves are shot and my heart is wounded.

reneeintx :cry: (feeling hurt)
I think now I will just be a lurker over there. Read the info and forget about posting.

PostPosted: March 10th, 2003, 9:03 pm
by kim
I have been there a lot. And yes, some people lack sensativity. And yes, it's probably because they are sick of hearing it. I went there well into my twitching, so I'm pretty hardened. This site has very knowledgeable people and very caring people, it's just not as active. Give it a chance, but don't take those negative nellies to heart. Ther are many other sincere, caring posters there!


PostPosted: March 10th, 2003, 9:05 pm
by Nole
You should always do what you believe in and what works for you. We are a supportive group on this site. We may all have different views on things and how to control the twitching but we are here to support each other. Just to make you feel better, I am proof that you dont always need meds to control the twitching, but that doesn't work for everyone. I very rarely twitch at all, but I have found what works for me: moving on with my life, stopped the worrying, relaxation techniques, living my life the way I want to. Different things work for different people. You need to put yourself first and forget about what others say. Stay with us from now on!

PostPosted: March 10th, 2003, 9:09 pm
by Davidd
I have been to the site before but I find it to be very disorganized. The design of that message board is awful. At this site, it is very easy to navigate to each topic but at the other site, it is very difficult to find old messages.

As for being upset at someone over the internet, I really don't think it's even worth the time thinking for one moment about it! Sometimes messages are misunderstood because they are just words on a screen. For instance, if I type "run!"...can you tell the difference between whether I am full of fear or excitement? It's hard to know.

That said, whoever wrote back to you in such a rude manner is not only insensitive but also should learn to deal with people better especially when writing to someone who has serious concerns. Although you probably won't do this, I would suggest writing a message back to the individual stating exactly how you felt.

Anyway, life's too short to worry about people like that. Forget it, move on and remember that jerks will be jerks!


Thanks to all of you!

PostPosted: March 11th, 2003, 11:48 am
by reneeintx
Sometimes it can be a lonely world, when you twitch and nobody that you know(personally) does. Today is a new day and I'm feeling better. I find this board much more relaxed and not "clickish".

Dave I agree, sometimes words can get different reactions, as they are seen and not heard. I think I take things too hard.

Nole, thanks for your kind words. My life was becoming obsessed with all this. It's going to stop. I'm taking your approach. I'm going to go about my life without always thinking I'm damaged, and try to do it without medication.

Kim, there are very nice people over there. I just can't take all the disagreeing, and the clicks dominating the board, while the new posters get shoved aside as if they don't matter. I just can' t handle that right now.

Thanks everyone :)
Tlhanks for making me welcome :)