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ANA ratios?

PostPosted: January 7th, 2003, 8:11 pm
by kim
Just a quick question.

Do any of you know your ANA (Anti Nuclear Antibidies) ratios? I had a blood test to find out if I had an autoimmune disease when all this stuff started, and and I had a ratio of 1:640 which is pretty high. I guess normal is 1:80. I was subsequently tested for MS and Lupus, and the tests came back negative. But, the high ANA remains.

Just wondered if there was a coorilation???????


Check my Post on Celiac

PostPosted: January 7th, 2003, 8:21 pm
by Glenn
Please check my post on Celiac in the general forum. Celiac can cause slightly elevated ANA as well as various Neurological symptoms. See the web site.

Interesting - from my own experience - ANA results can be misleading because (as I have been told) it is a easy test to screw up. Try to have the test repeaded in different but reputable labs from the same sample.

PostPosted: February 5th, 2003, 9:27 pm
by Debbs
Hi Glenn and Kim, I had an ANA done bout 10 weeks ago and it came back positive and my protien level was also elevated but only slightly, I am also anemic :? Think my doc will check for celiac if my iron supps are not working. Is it possible to have celiac and not have the symptoms??


Anemia is a Celiac Symptom

PostPosted: February 6th, 2003, 2:25 am
by Glenn
Actually anemia is a common symptom of Celiac - although with women there are other more obvious causes for anemia. Check out the site