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SOme more Info from Dr. Albers at UCI

PostPosted: January 22nd, 2003, 2:18 am
by Glenn
This is an extract from an email conversation about Celiac testing with UCI professor Dr. Albers. From what I can gather at this point (more info still coming) the Biopsy is the "Gold Standard" for confirming active Celiac disease - but a negative biopsy not necessarily eliminate it.

"Patients can have serologic evidence for celiac predisposition if not some ongoing celiac 'disease' but the degree of small bowel involvement may be so little to none at the time or patchy that the biopsies might not pick it up. So blood tests can be 'positive' but biopsy is negative in some if not many patients randomly screened--this most commonly seen in relatives or kids of patients with celiac disease. The key to a diagnosis of active disease is some form of abnormal biopsy that normalizes with treatment. Alternatively, if the blood tests are all completely normal the likelihood of celiac disease is overall fairly low but not necc '0' (nothing in medicine ever is...). "