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Happy Thanksgiving to All

PostPosted: November 27th, 2002, 7:22 pm
by Annie
I spent the day today shopping, cooking, and preparing for our family Thanksgiving tomorrow. As I did so, I had an opportunity to reflect on the blessings of the past year. One of the things I feel most thankful for this year is having found this wonderful and supportive online community. I found this site at a time when I was deeply anxious about my health. A neurologist had told me that my twitches were nothing more or less than benign fasciculations, but never having heard of such a thing - and certainly not knowing anyone else with the condition - I was just unable to believe it. Finding all the folks here, and realizing that I had a classic case of BFS, and that there were other people who had the same weird symptoms I did, helped me emotionally more than any doctor's visit. Although my hamstring muscle is twitching as I write this, I know now with great certainty that it is nothing to worry about. When I sit down with my family tomorrow for our Thanksgiving celebration I will be truly thankful for my health and for all of you who contribute so generously to this forum.
A happy Thanksgiving to all.