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BFS is in no way like ALS - believe your doctor!!

PostPosted: October 5th, 2004, 11:41 pm
by Ava
This is going to sound kind of strange, but I think I know someone who just died from ALS or something like it. My sister's mother-in-law is the sweetest woman. She started with an early onset dementia of some kind - I think is called upper or lower lobe dementia. Anyway, at first she couldn't remember words and she proceeded to decline over the past few years.

While I was searching the web for info on the doctor I saw at UCSF, Catherine Lomen-horth, I came across a research project she had done on people with this type of dementia. In something like 30percent of cases, they have an ALS type disease as well.

Well, I am sad to say, this woman I know began to trip, loose her balance, shuffle until finally she could only sit. This all was quick decline. Toward the end she could not swallow or breath.

Anyway, in reflecting on all of this, I began to realize how rediculous my fears are because what this woman had was obvious and very bad. I thought she just had the dementia, but it is clear to me that the other symtpoms, if not ALS, were exactly as it is described to us by our doctors. You really can't miss is once it sets in.

It's strange how this was in my life all along via this sweet woman. My BFS is in no way in the same category of what she had. My ten year old daughter said, "Now that Carole's spirit is separated from her body, she'll be better now." I pray she is at peace.