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PostPosted: November 19th, 2002, 10:57 pm
by Debbs
Hey Arron,

Well it might be another dead end but hey look on the bright side you have just eliminated a possibility and thats a good thing :D Wont it be great to actually find the cause, I cant wait for that day....your effort is much appreciated Arron thankyou.


PostPosted: November 20th, 2002, 5:15 am
by tlotoxl
Well, Parkinson's can appear 'naturally' or it can be triggered by the drug MPTP -- just because we can't say for sure that a certain antibiotic is responsible for all BFS does not eliminate the possibility that it might be responsible for some cases. In any case, the survey was interesting and a good idea.

PostPosted: December 15th, 2002, 12:51 am
by Gentle Male
I was on Cipro a year before. Just about 2 wks prior to the onset of my twitches, I had pains in my stomach which the Drs couldn't figure out. I also had 5 insect bites on my butt one day that I didn't even feel the biting. I was jogging at the time.

Gentle Male