Depression & BFS relation?

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Depression & BFS relation?

Postby Dennis_dw on October 7th, 2017, 8:09 am


Like the title says, I would like to know if there's any studies that link Depression and BFS? I would also love to hear your personal opinion/experience!

I was always a calm, low energy type of person. I used to think it's just my personality but now I realize it's just numbing depression. In primary school they already say: I'm a dreamer, lazy, uninterested and always sleeping in class although I had plenty of sleep at night. I never took a lot of interest in anything, always too tired or making excuses to get things done, pessimistic and sarcastic...

I think in my case there's no traumatizing events, etc. Just a bad ticket in the genetic lottery....

My symptoms:
* Trouble concentrating.
* Horrible memory, forgetful.
* Constant tiredness.
* Low energy.

* Visual migraines.
* Fasciculations.

So the last 2 are not actual depression symptoms, although there seems to be a link between migraine and depression. I just wonder if it's the same for BFS...
The first 4 symptoms are always there but the second 2 always seem to come when my immune system is low, like when I'm at the edge of being sick.
I can feel I'm going to get a cold or a flew, because I start twitching before my symptoms come.

I can really see a pattern: I get a virus or stress, etc > I start twitching > migraines > extreme tiredness > the twitching lingers a few months more and goes away.

What are your experiences? Are you an energetic person or does my personality reflect yours?
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Depression & BFS relation?



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