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A potential cause of BFS

PostPosted: May 28th, 2017, 9:41 pm
by 230205
I think it's possible the cause of BFS may be related to electromagnetic radiation that is emitted from electronics/wifi in your home. If you don't believe these have real biological effects, please buy and read the book The Body Electric by Dr. Robert O. Becker. Electromagnetic frequencies can have effects on ion transport across cellular membranes, particularly calcium. You should also read Light and Health by John Ott to see how artificial lighting is also damaging your health.
Ultimately the way to address this condition is to life your life outside without sunblock or any type of eyeware. You should also make sure you are in contact with the earth. These concepts are being popularized by Dr. Jack Kruse - would highly recommend you check this guy out on youtube. For the short term, you can use low-dose naltrexone which really does help you to not care about the twitches anymore.