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Hi All

PostPosted: March 1st, 2017, 5:33 pm
by Bibi
I just saw Leflea here and wonder how You All are ? Xina , German 2 , little Lost , yulia and All the others from 2014-2017.

I am nearly 3 years in , still twitch All over , since jan 2016 i have frozen shoulder left side ( in 2012-2014 ) i had frozen shoulder rigtht side. I have atrophy around both shoulder s , Worst in Right , Lots of cramping in feet , stiffness in left leg , dry mouth . I have seen an ALS specialist in september 2016 and she Said no MND but want to see me again in a year , i Can Call her if things gets Worse . I dont feel safe and i Called her office today and now have to wait if she Will Call me .

I hope You are okay , All of You !


Re: Hi All

PostPosted: April 9th, 2017, 10:27 pm
by leaflea
Hi Bibi! We have a ghosttown here. So, in May you are supposed to go back? I have issues. Feel I am aging so fast. I am stiff everywhere! Pretty bad Pain in one elbow and opposite knee 3.5 years in now. A few other odd things and yet overall picture is definitely better. Last autumn, before Thanksgiving and Christmas I had a lung nodule scare of all things! Turned out to be a false alarm. So thankful! Still, last thing I needed. I recently had slight internal tremors after they had thankfully disappeared although not nearly as bad as that particular symptom was. I have some scapula wasting too, I attributed to scoliosis. I'm guessing yours is related to frozen shoulder. I know so many women around our age who get that, including my mom did and my sister and neighbor too! Hope you get some answers. Though answers are rare in this condition!! Thanks for reaching out. Miss everyone. XO