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Burning, fatigued, twitchy biceps....

PostPosted: October 24th, 2016, 10:48 am
by lostinneverwhere
Don't know if this is common in BFS, I know it's not pointer to ALS.

My biceps feel so tired lately. They burn and twitch and feel so crampy (but no cramps). I had a right sided shoulder pull a few weeks ago and it's healing. The doc did a cervical Xray and said all was good.

I've been to doing yard work all summer and just recently put up a fence, digging and driving posts. And I'm a Ethernet cable installer.

They don't feel sore like I've been lifting weights just feel over worked. Kinda feels more tiring to rotate the arms.

Doc is sending me a physical therapist to evaluate it. Seems to think it could be an RSI or tendonitis. Any have an personal experience with this and have any remedies that worked?


Re: Burning, fatigued, twitchy biceps....

PostPosted: May 18th, 2018, 11:59 am
by 6t5frlane
Well if you can do yard work then ... is off the table. I was just holding a weed racket for a short time since my calf feel like %$##. Now my arms twitch and feel very heavy...sounds the same