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Muscle twitching disappeared while other issues were present

PostPosted: July 30th, 2016, 9:57 am
by Adamk
I have had bfs for 4 years now. It doesn't bother me as much as it did once before but I still hate every second of twitching. I also have had MDDS wich means dizziness and false sense of motion. It is also a very rare condition. I recently had a relapse in MDDS symptoms after a fight to Seattle in April it has taken me 4 months so far to feel 90% better daily.

The thing that is strange is that while I was having MDDS I had zero twitching. So now that the MDDS is going away the twitching g has returned. My leg was bothering me all night and other random ones have said hello from time to time.

Honestly I feel like I am cursed or something because both conditions are very rare and the chances of having both is like 1/100,000,00. Question is that why would the twitching disappear and why did it return? Anyone else have the false sense or motion or rocking? I'm trying to find a reason these two. Might be related.

Is it because I was taking clonopin allot and that caused the twitching to dissipate?

Re: Muscle twitching disappeared while other issues were pre

PostPosted: August 6th, 2016, 1:23 am
by Yuliasir
I am sure those conditions are inter-related. That is why you should not think you have two rare conditions at a time.

Many fellows report that they have bouts of 'walking like on matress' or uneven floor during their BFS journey. So it is something wrong with proprioception in our bodies.

I think you experience less or no twitching during bouts of MDDS becasue MDDS is much more engulphing, it takes much more attention, therefore you may ignore twitching. Or (and) maybe analytical part of your brain which interpretes motor signals and twitching is too 'busy' with proprioception storms during MDDS bout.

I am just guessing, but do not think you are cursed anyway.

Re: Muscle twitching disappeared while other issues were pre

PostPosted: August 18th, 2016, 2:49 pm
by Adamk
I had about a week off from the twitching while the dizziness came back and sure enough as soon as the dizziness goes away BOOM huge leg twitching again. Its not a little twitch either its almost a full muscle doing it. One of the biggest ones ever had I would say.
I have been dealing with this since 2003
Will this life ever give me anything other than horrible conditions? Will I spend forever seeking help that never comes?

I'm grasping at straws and lately this board has not offered much support. There are way fewer individuals who even respond to posts now and It's like there aren't many people on here who care to give assurance. for me it kind of makes coming here worthless. That really is the only function of this place since there is no cure or strategy for fighting this crap.

Re: Muscle twitching disappeared while other issues were pre

PostPosted: August 19th, 2016, 5:37 am
by Yuliasir
this board is practically closed... since no new members are admitted due to admin's attitude (he is not interested in it any more).

most people have migrated to facebook or to BFS recovery community.

dizziness attacks are known as Menier disease and unfortunately it is also a stubborn condition sometimes requiring radical surgery...

sorry that I can not offer you anything more reassuring. One can more or less adjust to twitching but I never heard that people could be adjusted to dizziness...

Re: Muscle twitching disappeared while other issues were pre

PostPosted: August 21st, 2016, 6:58 pm
by leaflea
Yuliasir -

Are you on the Facebook site? Please join! even if you only have an account for bfs, as I think some members do.

Is JohnV really just disinterested? I actually thought he may be dead.