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2nd year anniversary

PostPosted: May 14th, 2016, 7:40 am
by trustme78
Link to my 1st year anniversary: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=21592&p=162347#p162347

Well, happy anniversary to me. Another year gone by. I got some ear clicking and the vibration in my right leg has flared up recently. On the other hand I hardly twitch any more and the burning sensations that started it all have completely disappeared. I saw an ENT over the ear clicking and he recommended physio - something with my jaw or neck. But - like I and some other members suspected - it's a twitching muscle in my ear. I actually hardly notice it any more. The vibration is sometimes a little worrying. I think in the beginning it would have freaked me out but I have searched the forums and found countless people with the same issues (that's the main reason I keep posting reports and check ins - they have been so tremendously helpful to me in my dark hours and I hope someone stumbles upon my posts and finds some relief as well).

Before the ENT I saw my neurologist - who did the usual neurological tests. Everything was fine, no weakness - almost 2 years in. No need for further checkups or EMGs until something significantly changes - which I don't expect.

Take care everyone. It's so sad that this forum is going to disappear at one point (because the admin left). There is the alternative of course - but there are a lot of "new" members and it somehow lacks the experienced calm senior members we have here.

See you next year (if this forum still exists).