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Twitching during mri

PostPosted: April 16th, 2016, 6:09 am
by Kevo5684
So I have been some weird pain in my lower back and legs and the doctors think maybe something in lower back Idk but the pain is in buttocks and outter thighs for two months anyone have that at all so anyway they sent me for an Mri and when the machine started going my chest started uncontrollable huge jumping twitching and it was so bad it made the mri unclear I know it wasn't just stress cause as soon as the machine took breaks between pics it stopped anyone ever have this and anyone know what would cause it it has me a little worried

Re: Twitching during mri

PostPosted: April 23rd, 2016, 7:07 pm
by Little Lost
I have a migraine disorder in which I can get prolonged aura. I often get regular head MRI and MRA as the blood vessels constrict. Anyway In the less powerful older MRI machines I dont feel anything. However the newer MRI machines with higher field strengths definitely make the top of my head feel like it is rippling which it probably is. I used to think it was the extra cooling fans that run over you during the scan. I thought the blasts of cold air were simply triggering fasciculation, but I think it is more of an effect of the strength. I feel I fasciculate all over in the 4T scanner and totally out of it afterwards. In comparison the normal lower strenth MRI scans don't have the same effect.