Unexplained neuropathies. 30-50% show positive for...

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Unexplained neuropathies. 30-50% show positive for...

Postby BFSBurger on December 9th, 2015, 2:20 am

http://www.belmarrahealth.com/celiac-di ... mage-risk/

"There have been multiple studies that show a link between gluten and neurological disorders. In one study of individuals with idiopathic neurological disorders – meaning no known cause was detected – 30 to 53 percent of those patients were found to have antibodies against gluten."

"Celiac disease neuropathy presents itself as pain, tingling and numbness of the feet. Some patients may experience pain in the face or even muscle weakness, but this is less common. These symptoms can be confused with other conditions, so it’s important to rule them out as neuropathy and not another condition.

Celiac disease is associated with neuropathy for three reasons.

Due to a nutritional deficiency brought on by celiac, the body may not absorb certain essential nutrients that are known to lead to neuropathy.

Individuals with an autoimmune disease are prone to having another one as well, when compared to the general population. Neuropathy could result from an additional autoimmune disease.

Some antigens targeted in celiac disease have structural similarities with proteins expressed in the nervous system. This means the autoimmunity in celiac disease could target the nervous system and digestive system."

"If you have been diagnosed with a neurological condition deemed idiopathic, it may be wise to remove gluten from your diet."

And don't just get the old school tests. Insist that your doctor run the newer "Deamidated Gliadin Antibody" test also.

How I resolved my BFS within 1 year of onset:

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Unexplained neuropathies. 30-50% show positive for...



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