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BFS, Wheat, Gluten & Cerebellar Ataxia

PostPosted: October 8th, 2015, 7:47 am
by misterjuanperalta
This new study describes a case study involving 7 patients (5 male, 2 female) who were identified from a cohort of 540 patients with neurological manifestations of "Gluten related disorders (GRD)." These patients showed signs of "myoclonic tremor," which is an involuntary muscle twitching, which initially occurred in their face, tongue, one arm or one leg, "but then spread to affect other parts of the body."

Source: ... uman-brain

There’s more to the effect of wheat on the human brain. Other phenomena include:

– Migraine
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Seizures–especially temporal-lobe seizures
– Myelitis–inflammation of the lining of the spinal cord
– Psychiatric disease–depression, changes in personality, even psychosis or paranoid delusions and auditory hallucinations
– Gait disorders–i.e., difficulty walking
– Impaired reflexes, e.g, in the ankles (not exclusively)
- Dysphagia (Celiac Disease)
- Hyperreflexia (Celiac Disease)

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In this case, a 28-year-old man had muscle fasciculations of 2 years. The fasciculations began in his eye and progressed to the lips and lower extremities. In addition, he had gastrointestinal distress and fatigue. The patient was previously diagnosed as having wheat allergy at the age of 24 but was not compliant with a gluten-free diet at that time. Food sensitivity testing revealed immunoglobulin G-based sensitivity to multiple foods, including many different grains and dairy products. The working diagnosis was gluten neuropathy. This report describes improvement in chronic, widespread muscle fasciculations and various other systemic symptoms with dietary changes. There is strong suspicion that this case represents one of gluten neuropathy, although testing for celiac disease specifically was not performed.


Re: BFS, Wheat, Gluten & Cerebellar Ataxia

PostPosted: October 27th, 2015, 10:45 pm
by BFSBurger
Did you run across the study about the guy who presented with full-on ALS symptoms including muscle atrophy, and it turned out to be Celiac Disease / Gluten Intolerance? ... o0631.html

Just sayin...


Re: BFS, Wheat, Gluten & Cerebellar Ataxia

PostPosted: October 29th, 2015, 7:58 am
by Xina535
This is insane!

Misterjuan posted a topic that he was confirmed for celiac disease. Many people with celiac disease have neuro symptoms. I wonder how many of us here are also celiac? Misterjuan said the testing is just one blood test, but might as well get a full and over and beyond blood panel done.