Almost 4 years...

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Almost 4 years...

Postby jerry2 on September 16th, 2015, 2:43 am

3. october 2011... This is my initial post:


I for one wasn't cleared by the neuro, he said I could have ALS. I never ever went to EMG...

4 years later. Still have fasciculations problems... And all the other problems... numbness, nerve pain... But I am 100 % now I don't have ALS and that alone made a big change... I lost about 2 years of me, my life, my sons life, my wife because of this fear... I don't know why I twitch, I do. And I do more when I am stressed... But even without clear diagnosis I am ok...

I enjoy life more most of the time. I got connected to my wife again, we took "emotional inteligence" lessons... I feel more conected to her most of the time (we have relapses) than I ever felt before... even though twitching never went away...

Just to let you know. Don't loose your life because of fear... Life starts when comfort zone ends... I never ever want to be in the horror of my own mind like I was in 2011! It was an illusion, my real problems were in my relationship, my job (still struggling) although my twitching and other problems stayed and I got new ones (painfull trigger finger for one)...

You can have severe symptoms and you can be "not severly ill"... It happened to me... But everybody need to have it's own journey...

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Re: Almost 4 years...

Postby mwagner on September 16th, 2015, 9:48 am

Hi Jerry!!!

So good to hear from you again! And, so glad you're doing so much better. We sure went through a lot together didn't we? I'm a little over 4 years into this too. My tongue twitches every time I drink coffee and I don't really give it a second thought, but 4 years ago I would have been crying in fear. Message to all - time really helps!!

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Re: Almost 4 years...



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