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1st year anniversary

PostPosted: May 15th, 2015, 5:53 am
by trustme78
Just wanted to check in with a positive post. About a year ago the whole mess started. Burning, buzzing, twitching. I checked myself into hospitals twice and I got me a private neuro whom I saw about every other week for a physical. EMG in October (clean) with the option to come back in a couple of months for a follow up (if I feel like it).

I actually won't do another EMG (based on my symptoms or lack of symptoms now). I have days where I twitch, sometimes a patch of my skin burns, sometimes I get the buzzing in my right foot. But my anxiety is very much under control. I took up meditation practice which is something I highly highly recommend to anyone going through this. (be sure to join some kind of group or go on a retreat to get it started). I had psychotherapy as well (with a psychiatrist) and I got some prescription meds. And I changed my nutrition in the paleo direction. But in the end everything comes down to getting a grip on the anxiety thing. Of course it helps a lot if symptoms die down as in my case. I go most days without thinking about this whole ordeal now. It actually seems like a distant dream or nightmare now. The only thing that shook me a little was some months ago when one of our fellow members came back with the dreaded dx. I am forever grateful that he took the time to explain it all and I hope somehow everything works out for him and everyone else on these boards as well. Especially those who still - after months and years - are caught in the cycle of never ending symptoms, anxiety and doubt.

Life is good, don't waste it by constantly worrying. And for people at the beginning of this journey: You will get through this. Read the archives. What helped me was to look at these anniversary posts. Look for "positive" ones and go back from there. Read the first posts of these people and realize that they were like you, the same symptoms, the same fears. I owe a lot to this forum and I hope the administrative questions somehow work out and it doesn't simply disappear.

Take care. See you next year!

Re: 1st year anniversary

PostPosted: May 15th, 2015, 6:19 am
by Yuliasir
Nice to see you feel much better Volkmar!