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Help - Advice needed

PostPosted: March 12th, 2015, 1:24 am
by Pascal35
Hi everyone,

Last night i decided to go to the gym and make some exercise. I spent some time running and then weight lifting with arms and legs.
Everything seemed normal and then i decided to go to the pool and continue my fitness with swimming.
After 5 minutes i felt a very strange feeling of fatigue on my right arm. Like i wasn't able anymore to lift it. I continued and there was a sharp pain on my right side back which reflected on the arm too.
I stopped and went to shower. My arm kept feeling "dead" - I could move it but it was fatigued.
This morning i woke up with massive pain on my right back (close to the neck) when i move my head on my right side or when lift my right arm...
My biggest concern is why it was ONLY my right arm that felt "dead" during the swimming? Has anyone else had any similar experience?