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General update - Neuros visits

PostPosted: March 8th, 2015, 11:51 am
by Pascal35
Hi everyone.
16 months have passed since the first time I went into this twitching fear. Several EMGs and so many neuros visits. Crazy money spent.
Every doctor keeps saying that I have anxiety disorder and nothing else. I do understand they are right.
Fear makes us unable to accept it. Fear of losing our strength, health and our comfort in life. But basically we don't understand that we are already losing our life by spending enormous amount of time searching for something that doesn't exist.
This forum has been very helpful for me. I am reading so many stories similar to mine and this is very reassuring.
I must say that the twitching itself has dramatically decreased. I just have a few pops in several muscles once in a while and thats it.
The main issue I'm details at the moment is that i am stuck and check always about my strength. I am doing exercises and even bought some dynamometers for grip and fingers...
It will take some time but i am confident that i will also get over this and move on...Looking back i really can't believe how i allowed myself to get into such a "panic mode" - More than 20 EMGs and more than 30 neuro visits in 15 different neurologists in 3 different countries...!