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The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 25th, 2015, 2:03 pm
by BFSBurger
As many of you know, I can't stand doctors due to their willful ignorance of new research.

That being said, this guy just rocked my world. I have never seen a doctor speak, with 1,000% accuracy coming out of his mouth like this before in my life.

This directly relates to what we are all dealing with right now. You may not see it right away, but trust me when i say it hits the nail right on the head.

Please read: ... t-disease/

This video gave me goosebumps because its something that has been known in alternative medicine circles for 20+ years. I'm just plain excited that the information is finally making its way into mainstream medicine.

That inflammation is the source of all disease. And inflammation comes in hundreds of forms, including stress, dietary, environmental, etc.

The message is always the same for us: You must create an environment of total calm if you want this to pass.

I was about to say that the product he's selling should be avoided, but when he began to list the ingredients, I was even more impressed. Right down to Tart Cherry Juice - something I myself have as part of my healing protocol for over a year and a half, due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Be careful and watch how you respond though if you do get it. I have allergic reactions to curcumin, even though its a potent anti inflammatory ingredient. So know your body.


Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 25th, 2015, 5:32 pm
by emmie.s
Hey BFSBurger, how ya been? Nice to see you round these parts again. I always appreciate your posts since they tend to look at out situation from all angles, not just the obvious. Take care.

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 29th, 2015, 8:44 am
by Buzznerd123

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 29th, 2015, 8:47 am
by Buzznerd123

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 29th, 2015, 10:43 am
by SecretAgentMan
Buzznerd123, I just wanted to chime in since these subjects are near and dear to me. I came down with BFS in late 2009 and went through similar trials and tribulations as everyone else here. My life was spiraling out of control and my doctors had no answers for me. I turned to alternative medicine when I really had no other options. You know what though? Despite the assumptions I had going in I was able to achieve results. As it turned out inflammation was one of my key contributing factors. Today I am 100% BFS free and have been for years. I would urge you to really reevaluate the assumptions you make regarding alternative medicine. In many ways it should actually be called original medicine. Acupuncture has been around for hundreds of years for example. It is still around today because it works.

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 29th, 2015, 11:11 am
by Buzznerd123

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 29th, 2015, 5:45 pm
by SecretAgentMan

I understand where you are coming from. I truly do, as I was there myself. Before we discuss any further I just want to touch on a few important points. Basically I want to make sure that this will be a discussion rather than two people with their minds already made up talking past each other. I will disclose my bias right up front. I believe in things like acupuncture and Chi. This belief is not based on faith, but rather on research and first-hand experience. As I eluded to before, I was once a skeptic in this area but first-hand experience helped me change my mind. Further research helped me to solidify that change in perspective. It was a gradual process and not an overnight deal by any means.

I believe the term skeptic gets misused often. Skepticism is healthy, so long as you remain open to new information and new data as it becomes available. People will often consider the matter as settled and close their mind to all new information believing that they already have the truth while still considering themselves a skeptic. When a mind is closed to new information, even the truth cannot get in. Open mindedness can be taken too far too. If a person is so open minded that they believe anything then the truth can be lost in a sea of concepts they only want to believe in. Balance is required between open mindedness and skepticism. This is difficult but it is necessary if science is ever truly going to make progress. I want to make it clear I'm not making accusations here about anyone having a closed mind. I just want to highlight that social dynamic in human nature to raise awareness. I'll admit I have been closed minded to things in the past without even realizing it. I just thought I was right.

That being all said, I do have my biases but I have recently began to make a true effort to remain open to new information as it comes along even if it is something that makes me uncomfortable. After all, that is how I wound up where I am today. I was skeptical about acupuncture, but I was open enough to try it for myself. Had I simply stuck to researching the subject on the internet I likely would have found a plethora of articles and journals that confirmed my bias (confirmation bias). I actually have a funny cartoon that demonstrates confirmation bias here:


So how this would typically go is you referenced a nytimes article on how acupuncture doesn't work. This fits your confirmation bias. I go out and try and one-up you and look for a published article in a peer reviewed medical journal that says it does work fitting my confirmation bias. Then argument ensues as we pick apart the weaknesses in each other's arguments. Typically people engaged in this don't ever even intend to humor the concepts and ideas that the other person is proposing because they are so caught up in their own ego's desire to be right and win. Two people talk and no listening or learning takes place. I've been in far too many political debates on FB and learned my lessons the hard way. Nothing gets accomplished if the motives and emotional investment are anything but positive and healthy. I'm willing to talk, share, converse, listen, and learn if you are. I have no emotional investment in you agreeing with me or not and I would ask the same of you. That's pretty much it. Let me know and thanks. :)

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 30th, 2015, 7:53 am
by Buzznerd123

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 30th, 2015, 3:31 pm
by leaflea
I have not even read all of this conversation, but can I just add that it seems like my entire body is inflamed so I am inclined to believe that there is a role of inflammation in this problem and most diseases.

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: January 30th, 2015, 6:43 pm
by SecretAgentMan
Buzznerd123 wrote:You claim the following "The message is always the same for us: You must create an environment of total calm if you want this to pass."
Since total calm is unachievable unless you are in a coma, nobody will achieve it and the result is that it's the victim's fault for not trying hard enough or doing the "right steps" although no steps are clearly defined prior.

That was BFSBurger who wrote that, but I get the point he was trying to make and agree with it. Our demeanor and calmness is a choice. It is how we react to situations that determines this, not the fact that they are happening. When you do the mental work to shift your perspective to connect with your own inner peace, it really does take a lot more to stir you. There is a quote I like by Eckhart Tolle that illustrates this. He said, “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.” If you change the way you think and look at things, you can change the way you react. If you change the way you react, you can move to a much more resilient state of calmness in the face of situations that would otherwise rattle you. No coma necessary. :)

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: February 1st, 2015, 8:29 pm
by BFSBurger
Inflammation is not just an Alternative Health topic.
National Institute of Health: "It is now recognized that a mild pro-inflammatory state is correlated with the major degenerative diseases of the elderly. "

There is a tremendous amount of data in mainstream medical research proving that inflammation is the foundational cause of multitudes of disorders and diseases. As far as BFS goes - you bet your sweet tooty that inflammation is paramount to this condition.

And I would like to also say that I am one of the other people on this site who has managed to eliminate my BFS with lifestyle changes focused on reducing systemic, mental, emotional, and dietary inflammation. But as has always happened in the past on this site, some folks can look at two "cure" cases and ignore every word that comes out of those 2 people's mouths :) But then, that's what was different about me in the first place. I actually sought out every single person who claimed remission of symptoms and researched exactly what they did to get there. Exactly what they credited it with. And then I put it into action in my own life. And here I am.

But you can do what you like. A coma is hardly necessary for this...
"inflammation and inflammatory mediators contribute to acute, chronic and psychiatric Central Nervous System disorders"

The list goes on and on.


Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: February 2nd, 2015, 5:35 am
by Buzznerd123

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: February 2nd, 2015, 11:38 am
by BFSBurger

Inflammation is the result of something. But does that negate its role in the process? No. You can take steps to reduce inflammation, no matter what the cause of the inflammation is. USUALLY the cause is something we are doing. I stand by that with all my emphasis. And its proven that inflammation itself is the thing which initiates the disease process in nearly all the major diseases out there.

Likewise, inflammation isn't the thing that ultimately causes disease! Its the thing that leads to that which eventually "breaks" .... resulting in disease. Long term, low grade inflammation causes things to happen in the body - cortisol levels constantly too high - immune system releasing inflammatory cytokines that eventually damage and degrade cells, nerves, tissues. This can lead to hardening of tissues, scar tissue if you will, in arteries, and much more. Its worthwhile to point to inflammation though as a cause, because without inflammation, nothing else tends to occur (aside from genetic influences).

So to resolve inflammation is to resolve the progress towards a multitude of diseases. This is truly a proven fact. And its a great thing to know, because it means we can have some control over our fate.

I actually am a huge skeptic. I have laughed at alternative medicine doctors for literally decades. So when i started reading that my BFS might be a result of stress-induced inflammation, and that diet was causing gut inflammation, which in turn stimulates immune responses (the gut is a huge location for immune function and the endocrine system) - i wanted some proof. So I went to Dr. Nancy Klimas at the Neuroimmune institute at Nova Southeastern University. Mind you - I had seen at least 20 doctors at this point and gotten laughed out of the room. And nearly all of them had recommended seeing Dr. Klimas. She was their professor in med school. From Neurologists, to GP's, to Infectious Disease doctors in Miami - they'd all sat under Dr. Klimas and respected her. So I went to see her.

She has access to an immune function testing lab that no other doctors have access to, since she founded the clinic herself. She usually sees chronic fatigue syndrome patients but was willing to see me. She ran the most in dept immune function testing on me that is currently available. Over 200 immune markers that look like hieroglyphics when you read them. But she interprets. Her final conclusion when the results came back 2 months later? "You have been under a constant state of immune inflammation. And right now your numbers have completely tapped out. Your immune system has been producing mass quantities of inflammatory cytokines and is now in a state of disease-response with it all, even though 100% of your bloodwork, MRI, EMG, and all your other tests indicate you have NO disease in you at all. You need to stop whatever you are doing, whether it be stress, overexercising, drinking and partying, taking stimulants, whatever it is - you need to stop and give your body a break. Now. If you don't, I am concerned you will progress to a form of Lymphoma. That is worst case, but you can't continue stressing your system like this without eventually developing Autoimmune disease or a Lymphoma of some sort".

Those were her words. I actually laughed when I heard it. Because I was already mid-way through my discovery process and literally everything I had read indicated that BFS is some sort of inflammatory immune response to emotional, mental, physical, or environmental (or all of the above) triggers. Why not bacterial or viral triggers? Maybe, but all my testing showed I had no actual infection. Anywhere. There are bacterial gut infections though. So maybe one of those?

But something had finally broken as a result of constantly pumping cortisol into my system on an hour by hour basis for years. I needed to create a state of calm mentally first and foremost. Without that nothing else (dietary changes, etc) would help. And that proved to be my cure. 100% cure.

The most interesting part is that I can trigger relapses. And all that does is prove to me exactly what causes BFS. Inflammatory reactions in the body to stress. Sure, we may all have some virus that is reactivating. Herpes viruses are known to do this, and known to infect the spine which could trigger twitching throughout the body. There could be any number of things going on. Isn't it funny that preventing herpes relapses includes stress reduction? Think about that. And guess what else? Avoiding certain foods. Inflammatory foods. Foods that contain: Arginine. Seeing a common theme here? Here we have a virus that (1) reactivates (2) reactivates due to emotional and mental stress (3) reactivates due to physical stress (4) reactivates due to certain food intake. Pretty much verbatim what SAM and I have been talking about with BFS. Does that mean BFS is a virus? Maybe. But its got to be one that nobody in medicine has ever heard about, because I've been tested for everything.

One more important factor: I was coming positive on antibody tests for numerous infections - even showing current active. CMV, Epstein Barr, and even Lyme. But here's the interesting part: Every single PCR test (which looks for the actual presence of the virus) was negative. Repeatedly. For all of them. This told me one thing: My immune system was on haywire - fighting something that wasn't even there, but had been there in the past. Inflammatory immune response. To reduce and eliminate stress in all forms, for months on end without breaking character, is key. And its hard as hell to do.

You sound like me. "relaxation" = wishy washy. LOL!!! I get where you're coming from. BELIEVE ME!!! But you are probably like me. You need some science behind that whole "Just relax" thing. My god if I could have punched my doctors I would have done so many times - because all they kept telling me was "Youre imagining this, you are stressing yourself out, this doesnt exist, you're crazy, see a therapist" <---- all comments I heard. And I thought "How can you tell me im CREATING this by myself?" So you need to read up on the science of "just relax". There is science behind it. Real, legit science. It helps to picture all of this in terms of inflammatory chemicals. Cortisol is one of the hallmarks. Read up on what happens to cortisol levels when someone stresses out. Then read up on what happens when cortisol levels are constantly elevated. Then read up on what happens to cortisol levels when people meditate. Or when they spend time with good friends laughing. Its staggering what happens in the body. It sounds like hocus pocus when youv'e got some dude with candles lit and a feminine demeanor telling you to put rose petals around a hot bathtub. It doesnt sound like hocus pocus when you realize the profound effect it can have on your entire system scientifically.

I dont credit my recovery with time, because my recovery started the day I stopped eating food triggers. For me - food increased my symptoms significantly in the hour or two after eating. Realizing cause and effect was huge for this process. I heard people here reporting cures by avoiding histamine producing foods. Avoiding all stimulants (caffeine and sugars). And avoiding gluten and wheat products. Then i started researching why those things would even matter. I learned what caffeine does to the system. To the central nervous system. I started learning about ways to reduce CNS inflammation. I learned how not only gluten, but other proteins in wheat have now been proven to cause gut inflammation. That the immune system has a major hub in the gut. That gut inflammation leads to intestinal permeability, which leads to those proteins circulating in the body, which leads to a systemic inflammatory response (even if its low grade with a normal person - I was feeling it on a very escalated level). Months of reading - and then I made lifestyle changes.

Within 2 weeks of stopping all gluten and wheats and pastas and stimulants - my stabbing pains, nerve symptoms, locked up leg, and painful joints evaporated into thin air. After being there for nearly a year and a half, daily. I had not been exercising at all, so I got onto the treadmill after learning how low grade exercise - whole body - with deep breathing can drastically reduce inflammation throughout the body tissues, the brain, the lungs, the muscles, etc. That exercise can stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis. That it stimulates dopamine and serotonin release. That all of these things heal the body. The first couple workouts were utter hell, and the day after recovery was worse. But after 4 iterations, I began to feel amazing. Stronger. And all those inflamed feelings throughout my body just dissolved.

I began taking Dead Sea Salt Baths. Not because I like baths. But because I learned that Dead Sea had therapeutic effects. I called "BS" on it and then researched the "why". The science. Turns out aside from Magnesium which has profound effects on nerves and muscles, it also has countless other minerals. Studies were done showing that these mineral levels increased dramatically after a bath with Dead Sea Salt. More importantly - it contains Bromine. Turns out Bromine is a central nervous system sedative. And let me tell you - nothing put me to sleep finally like a Dead Sea Salt bath before bed.

Here were 20+ doctors without a f*cking thing to offer me, and zero results. And here I was reading up on the science of lifestyle changes and seeing immediate symptom relief. So I kept at it. Determined what foods were triggering symptoms, and made a blacklist. Didnt eat them anymore. For awhile my entire diet was whittled down to just white meat chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables. Because those were the only things that didn't make me worse an hour after eating.

I could go on for months. But you get the idea.

As for your proposal - there have already been 10 people who have done the above types of things and seen 100% cure. And when I say 100% cure I mean they have managed their BFS to nothing. I think all of us can easily agitate a relapse. I just had one in January when I stupidly put myself through a mental nightmare for about a week and a half. But the great thing is, 4 weeks later, Im back to ground zero. I had to hop back in my baths, and get my diet in check again. But I know now how to get myself back there. So people already have shown results. Plenty of people have reported success with lifestyle changes, and I think even the veterans who still deal with symptoms will back the concept of stress reduction and major lifestyle changes to mitigate symptoms. So this really is no mystery.

More importantly, not all of us have the same cause. For me - dietary influences were massive. That tells me that I personally had a gut inflammation issue to deal with. Others here may see no results from the food method.

But think about it - lets say a guy is doing the regimen 100% perfectly, but when he gets in his car - he has road rage nonstop. Cussing people out, getting hyped up, angry, irritated. He goes to the store and he's *beep* at the slow cashier. He goes to the gym and he kills it a little too hard. He claims to be doing the diet, but then one sunday he eats a huge f*cking pizza.

Then he comes back here and says "Sorry - its bullsh*t ... it didnt work"

Thats what happened the first 15 times we tried to organize something on here. Aside from all the nonstop sh*t talking everyone was doing when we tried. You cant make sure that someone adheres perfectly. And even if they do - they wont mention their massive road rage incidents that pretty much destroyed all the other things they were doing. Does that make any sense?

The most valuable input has come from people I saw posting here that claimed they were living in a state of constant h*ll ... and they voluntarily took the reigns, and were feeling significantly better, with significantly fewer symptoms after trying the things that we had suggested. I think it takes a person to really own the process on their own, rather than begrudgingly "give something a whirl". Plus it also takes months. Some things go away quickly. Others take months of zero cheating. who can accomplish that? 1% of us? The 1% that are so terrified they're going to die that they actually accomplish it. That was me. And without that motivation I never would've adhered to anything for very long.

My best recommendation is to keep your eyes peeled for people who claim results. Find out what they did. Research why it might help reduce immune inflammation or systemic inflammation or stress, or all the above. And begin to do it. When i was posting here regularly, I was here for 2 years straight, and in that time I saw at least 10 people who had stopped in to say they were no longer twitching. Those are the people I latched on to. Nobody is going to come here and "lie" about that.

In conclusion: Some people may do every single thing perfectly and still have problems. We are all different. But what I hate is people who poo-poo it without putting in the effort for 6+ months first. Or put in some half-*ssed effort and then declare it didnt work.

Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: February 2nd, 2015, 4:35 pm
by BFSBurger
By the way:

What makes this guy a quack? Because some anonymous person on the internet wrote it? I judge bad information by studies. And if a complete quack recounts accurate scientific data, then as far as I am concerned, on that topic, they are not a quack.I love that this is their list of reasons why he's a quack yet Every. Single. Statement. Is true. And backed by mountains of data:

* Dropping your cholesterol levels will not lower your risk of heart disease, attack, or strokes. - TRUE. It is the ratio of HDL to LDL that is relevant when it comes to cholesterol. NOT whether its "HIGH" or "LOW".
* During his career as a cardiac surgeon, he performed over 5,000 heart operations, most of which could have been easily prevented had the patients been given the right information. - This has no meaning and proves the writer has an emotional agenda/bias, and should be ignored.
* "Heart disease has a cure . . . .You can beat it without harmful medications and painful, risky surgery." - TRUE. How is this false? Every doctor out there agrees that you can prevent heart disease 100% with lifestyle changes.
* The Great Cholesterol Lie . . . is "as close to a new heart as you can get without laying on Dr. Lundell's table." - TRUE. Lifestyle changes have been proven to improve the condition of your heart.
* Lundell "guarantees" that the book "can turn your health around." - TRUE. Why wouldn't drastic dietary, exercise, and lifestyle changes turn someones health around? Its been proven to do so in millions of people.

Thats his premise? That's his reason why this guy is a quack? B*tch please .... :roll:

Even if this guy lost his medical license for telling a granny she had warts when it was in fact stage 4 cancer, that would not change my view of the video I linked to. Because every word out of his mouth was factual. That is the litmus test by which I determine quackery. Is your information good or bad?

Did you know that Dr. Heimlich - who invented the heimlich maneuver - believes he can cure AIDS with it today? And lyme disease? And cancer? He's well known to be a "quack" because of some of his beliefs. But does that mean the millions of people who's lives have been saved by his invention should have died instead? Its what a person says at any given moment that makes them a quack, or not a quack.

If I had a dollar for every ignorant, clueless, misinformed doctor I saw since my BFS started, I would be wealthy. The sheer volume of false statements, wrong information, and bad advice they have given me has been staggering. My biggest challenge when seeing doctors wasn't the waiting room, or the paperwork. It was keeping my mouth shut when they said something that blatantly negates scientific data. Its painfully obvious that they don't continue their education, and have a very close minded viewpoint of everything medical. In fact, by the definition I use (having accurate information), I've seen more "Quacks" in the medical field in the last 3 years than I have uncovered in the Alternative field. People call Mercola a quack too. But have you ever listened to his supporting evidence? Its study after study after study. He doesn't go 3 sentences without citing actual published data. Whats so different about Mercola and (an even more informed practitioner) Chris Kresser? These guys actually read the latest studies. On everything. Its a bullet proof case they present.

Doctors live in a world of "reactive medicine". Everything is either "HEALTHY" or "DISEASE". There is no shade of gray. The gray area is called "HEALTHY". The absurdity of that methodology is upsetting. This is why people live their lives growing more and more sick, and then spend the rest of their lives "treating" the disease they ultimately get. Because nobody (sure as hell not a doctor) told them in the 40 year period prior, that they could be doing things to prevent disease.

A perfect example of this is my eGFR number. Over the last 10 years my eGFR number has been slowly decreasing. But I am only 40 years old. Bring my current result to any doctor, and they will tell me im perfectly fine. Will they even think to ask for my results over the last 10 years to plot a graph as to how quickly its declining? Nope. Should they? Yep. Why? Because the lower your number gets, the closer to kidney disease you get. And a large percent of people end up with kidney disease. So if I have dropped 15 points in the last 10 years, I am in trouble if that continues. Guess what happens normally? I go another 30 years, and I end up with Kidney disease. Why? Because no doctor ever bothered to do their job and pay attention to that number. So i go online and research if its possible to raise your GFR number. I end up on a kidney disease forum. I start reading accounts of how people have singlehandedly raised their GFR number by well over 10 points in very short periods of time, with certain steps. Drinking X number of glasses of water per day. Drinking squeezed lemon juice once per day. Milk Thistle. Removing certain foods that tend to leave calcium and other deposits which hinder kidney function. Hocus Pocus nonsense? The numbers don't lie. I began the regimen. And 3 months later I retested. My number was up 12 points for the first time in 10 years. I was back to the GFR number I had at age 25.

I literally just bought myself another 10 years when it comes to eventual Kidney Disease.

No doctor on planet earth would have the education, interest, or mindset to have accomplished this for me. Not the way the medical system is set up today.


Re: The Role of Systemic Inflammation in Disease

PostPosted: February 2nd, 2015, 5:11 pm
by SecretAgentMan
The whole name calling thing (using terms like "quack") is a tactic used by establishment folks to discredit messengers of alternative ideas and shut down debate. If you think the market of the alternative medicine community is reason to suspect financial motives over health and wellness motives, what about the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry? Most doctors are ignorant to research like this because they are not taught to think that way in medical school. The top medical schools in the world are funded and have advisory boards made up of pharmaceutical industry people.

Really think about it. If you go to a doctor they are trained to look at your symptoms and evaluate if you need surgery or a pharmaceutical pill to cover up your symptoms. Nutrition and lifestyle choices are very low on their priority and there is very little they will do to help you in these areas. They simply are not taught to think that way. The system is very much set up to benefit the money making industry.

You cannot patent a diet. You cannot patent acupuncture. You cannot patent energy healing techniques. You cannot patent a natural supplement. There is no money to be made in them like in pharmaceuticals. That's the cash cow. Always follow the money if you want to find the answers. The real money is NOT in the alternative medical field. It is in pharmaceuticals and they have a very big budget to keep the debate so that the either/or is in their favor. Think about the Obamacare debate. We are fighting about who is going to pay for our healthcare. Will it be private as it has been or will we nationalize it? While everybody is fighting over who is going to pay for it, nobody is asking the question about what we are paying for... Either way the money is going into the pockets of pretty much the same people with the exception of the middlemen, insurance companies.

People laugh about things like NAET, but thanks to techniques like that I am a man now free of not only many food sensitivities but also my seasonal allergies that I had ever since grade school. I'm an engineer with a master's degree and am no stranger to science. I know this stuff works and I also know that science cannot measure or quantify the 'Chi' that these techniques work with, so it remains a mystery. It also does not serve the money making industry, which is why it remains discredited and ridiculed. The entire culture of medicine is taught and conditioned to be biased against it. Nobody wants to be considered a 'quack' so most won't even go there. Human conditioning is a powerful thing.

BFSB is right that every human being is different. I too was very sensitive to dietary triggers and noticed a big difference when I avoided certain foods like wheat initially. Not everyone has the same triggers or combinations of triggers. This isn't some quick easy one-size-fits all solution that you can advertise steps 1-2-3 and you're cured. Everyone needs to really invest their time and energy into truly finding answers for themselves. They will likely need help from an experienced practitioner or doctor who actually knows how to get to the root cause of a health problem rather than just trying to find a pill or a band-aid. I was fortunate to find the doctors I did. If anyone is in the Dayton, OH area I can recommend them, but that doesn't help most people here.

What I can do is recommend simple high level things that people can do and encourage them to empower themselves, so that's what I do here now. If someone wants to know how I got cured I do my best to answer questions and encourage them to find a good doc themselves. Things like daily meditation and mindfulness exercises truly do help with anxiety and there are studies that show that. A recent study even showed how experienced meditators were able to change the gene expression in their DNA. Mind over matter truly is a real deal. What do you think the Placebo Affect is? People talk about it dismissively like it does not count. I say it is one of the most important things that does count. Your mindset can help make you well, and it can help make you sick. A lot truly is up to you... Anyway, these are some long posts... LOL... Sorry folks!