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Is here anyone who wants to chat whit me ??

PostPosted: August 13th, 2004, 2:36 pm
by bianca21
Hello again .. the newbie from Holland 8)
I've become a member sinds a few weeks now and i found this site out on another board in Dutch .. a woman has linked te url of it , so i went to take a look at it .. and there i gladly find this site out !!
What a release for me .. and so much reconisation for me ..
I never went to a neuro only did bloodwork and trust my dr .. i've true have so much anxiaty and stress .. my live has been a horror over te past .. i had no dad who was taking good care for me .. i only had my mam and 2 older brothers .. my dad was alcoholic ,agresive could not hold his hands home where the belong and beat us up for 10 years .. nobody liked me at school had no friends because i was some overweight :? Relationships where no part of me also , some cheated me or lied to me... and so on but that doesnt matter for now .. i want to chat whit people on msn who can relate my story or need a listning ear to talk too .. and hey new friends are always welcome :P .. here is mij msn so if you want to you may add me to youre msn ( [email protected])
greetz from bianca from holland
ps : i am now seeing a psyciater and it helps for me .. (ore how you will spel it :shock: )